This reminds us of a press release the Australian Greens party put out as a bit of a political stunt 18, or so, months ago. Essentially they lifted Uruguayan rules and regs wholesale and pretended it was all their own work!

Looks like more of the same here.

Ganjapreneur reports….

Four New Mexico medical cannabis brands are accusing the state of adopting “arbitrary and capricious” rules, some of which appear to be copy-pasted from other states including a testing requirement for mycotoxins which have never been found in New Mexico-grown cannabis.

Former Public Regulation Commission Jason Marks is representing Scepter Labs – one of just two cannabis testing labs in the state – and medical cannabis manufacturer Vitality Extracts in their case. The plaintiffs argue that the testing language included in the reforms used rules from other states and that out of more than 15,000 tests conducted in New Mexico since the rule was implemented, none of the medical cannabis tested was positive for mycotoxins. Marks argues that the relatively small number of positives for mycotoxins in cannabis are from “climates more likely to lead to mycotoxin production than New Mexico’s.”

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Cannabis Brands Accuse New Mexico of Copy-Pasting Rules From Other States

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New group of petitioners challenging NM DOH medical cannabis rules