Cannabis Brands Giving Back For 4/20: Donating To Communities, Consumers, and The Planet

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AUTHOR: Heather Allman



We’re officially gearing up for 4/20 and with federal legalization projected for 2022, we at Cannabis Law Report are of the opinion that 2021 will be a big year for all things cannabis, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids —as well as sustainability. 







ALT, Kin Slips, and Mello recognize it is a privilege to work within the legal cannabis space and therefore support the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that focuses on prisoner release, record clearing through clemency and expungement, and reentry programs for those who have been incarcerated for cannabis related offenses. Alive and Kicking, Stone Road, and The Root of It All are partnered with and donate back to other worthy nonprofit organizations. 

  • Alive & Kicking donates 2% of all profits to AAJC (Asian American Advancing Justice). They not only help with data and education but also provide help with immigration, housing, and discrimination cases and as an LA-based company, A&K feels strongly about supporting a local LA organization. Alive & Kicking’s micro-slim CBD cigarettes are super discreet and perfect for solo, “sessionable” moments throughout the day whenever you want to relax without the head high of THC.


“Alive & Kicking believes that everyone belongs and has a place here. The recent events happening around hate crimes in the Asian community has made an impact on us. One of our co-founders is Korean American and we are filled with grief and sadness with every single piece of breaking news. We hope that every bit can help toward education, support and meaningful action to combat this division and inconceivable behavior happening in our country!”

––Evan Kennedy & Ryan Lee, Alive & Kicking Co-Founders




“It’s non-negotiable to me that we always give back to the community that paved the way for us to be here. People should not be in jail for cannabis —it is an unfairly criminalized substance and those behind bars are paying the price for helping the actual progression of this industry. For that reason, Mello gives 10% of all our sales to the Last Prisoner Project, an organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform” 

––Boronia Fallshaw, Mello Founder



  • Stone Road is donating 10% of all profits to The Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. All the bud in Stone Road’s dreamy pre-rolls is sustainably sourced from their off-grid, family-run farm and hand rolled with love in Los Angeles.


“Working in legal cannabis, an industry largely built on the backs of those incarcerated through the War on Drugs, I think it’s imperative that companies give back. While there are many ways we at Stone Road play our part and work with nonprofits and grassroots efforts in New York and Los Angeles, for the month of April we’ve decided to donate 10% of all profits to The Trevor Project, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth. As a queer led company, Stone Road aims to give back to LGBTQIA communities as much as possible and The Trevor Project is just one of those amazing organizations we’re proud to contribute to.”

––Lex Corwin, Stone Road Founder


  • Kin Slips KIN SLIPS SUPPORTS LAST PRISONER PROJECT and has donated more than 65,000 cannabis-infused sublingual strips to California Compassion Care Programs. By partnering with Sweetleaf Collective, one of the oldest medical cannabis groups in the world, Kin Slips is able to give low income, terminally ill medical patients, veterans, and seniors in communities across California access to the medical cannabis they need.


“At Kin Slips, two of the core values that drive our success are i) creating the best cannabis products in the world and ii) taking care of our kin. Our initiative with the SweetLeaf Collective to help our local California communities receive the best medicinal cannabis possible is a reflection of those values. At Kin Slips, we believe that cannabis is medicine and that we have the best products in the industry to help those who suffer from various ailments, particularly for those patients who need fast-acting relief and have restrictions related to diet, digestion, and inhalation. While we can’t provide cannabis to every low income patient in California, we do believe that the inability to afford medicinal cannabis should not be a barrier to treatment, and by donating through the SweetLeaf Collective, we are helping make universal accessibility a reality.”

––Andrew Lobo, CEO of Kin Slips



  • ALT IS A PROUD OFFICIAL PARTNER OF THE LAST PRISONER PROJECT. ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) is a first-of-its-kind water-soluble THC drink mixer.


ALT’s mission is to Enhance Human Potential and the Last Prisoner Project has provided a charitable opportunity for us to do so through helping to reverse some of the wrongs caused by the failed war on drugs. LPP has allowed us to partner with top industry leaders and brands to collectively ensure the release of incarcerated cannabis offenders.  We are honored and privileged to work in the legal cannabis industry and it is our obligation to give back to those who have suffered for cannabis related crimes.”

––Robert Davis, ALT Co-Founder




  • The Root Of It All uses a percentage of all profits to support education for girls in India. While The Root of It All founder Shehzad Hoosein personally sponsors 4 young girls in Mumbai, his goal is to grow that sponsorship to 1,000 girls, funding their education from elementary school all the way through college. This commitment to education comes from Shehzad’s belief that education is truly “at the root of it all” and is a way for him to honor the Ayurvedic heritage of his brand.


From an early age, my parents instilled a love for learning in both my sister and myself. They emphasized the importance of education and taught us that education was the key to growth, opportunities and self-reliance. ‘At the end of the day,’ they would always tell us, ‘the best gift we can give you is the gift of education, as this is what lies at the root of it all.’ Both my sister and myself were tremendously fortunate to be able to pursue an education in fields of our own choosing, but unfortunately, in India, there are many young children who don’t have that type of an opportunity, especially, girls. We read many studies and articles about the numerous advantages of female education, and wondered what part we could play in helping improve the lives of girls and women in India.  

So, when we learned about the mission and life-changing work at The India Sponsorship Society, my entire family immediately got behind the idea of sponsoring young girls’ education. Most of these young girls come from broken homes or have been orphaned, and would likely live through undeniable and heartbreaking struggles, if someone didn’t take up their cause. So, as a family, we have sponsored four amazing girls (all between grades 3 and 7), and hope to continue supporting their education over the next 8-10 years, until they are capable of standing on their own two feet. Over the coming years, we hope to sponsor more young ladies and I am so proud to have The Root of it All join me in this endeavor.”

––Shehzad Hoosien, The Root of It All Founder






With Earth Day and 4/20 being so close together this year, we thought it might be worth diving into the sustainability practices behind the country’s legal cannabis industry. While the processes and technologies used throughout the cannabis supply chain have made great strides over the last decade, the sector still generates a significant carbon footprint. The industry can’t make up for its lackluster history in sustainability, but there’s a growing coalition of companies looking to drive the industry forward in an environmentally friendly way.




  • Willow Industries is the country’s first cannabis decontamination company that uses organic ozone-based technology to rid crops of harmful mold and bacteria without compromising quality, flavor or effect. In fact, this is the only protective technology taken from agriculture and perfected specifically for cannabis.



  • Dama Distributing is pioneering the development of sustainable and home compostable compliant packaging for the cannabis and hemp industries. Their mission is to eliminate petroleum based plastic waste in the cannabis and hemp industries by offering eco-friendly and plant based products. 

  • TerraVita combines potent, plant-based ingredients with one of nature’s most powerful remedies––CBD––to create its unique and infinitely customizable collection of wellness products. Using meticulously-sourced ingredients, cutting-edge extraction methods and advanced flavor technology, TerraVita has developed an unparalleled range of over 50 premium, benefit-specific, earth-friendly solutions for everyday problems. including aches & pains, lack of energy & focus, stress and anxiety, exercise recovery, wellness & vitality, insomnia and restless sleep. Introducing a range of products across multiple form factors, flavors and dosages, TerraVita has built a one-stop plant-medicine collection that combines adaptogens, herbs, functional mushrooms, vitamins, essential oils, terpenes and other plant-based remedies with CBD for whole body and mind wellness. 



  • Black Dog Led has produced energy saving and eco-friendly LED grow lights that reduce the need for electrical energy and save the environment from exposure to toxic mercury.



  • Summerland has a hemp wick that makes lighting pipes, bowls, and joints a breeze, without the inhalation of harmful lighter fluids, butane chemicals, and other additives. Smoking with a lighter or matches can take its toll on our bodies and lungs, leaving us with more inhalation of harmful lighter gases or match chemicals than one might think. That’s where Summerland’s Hemp Wick comes in. Instead of lighting a bowl, joint or bong with the usual (secretly very harmful!) suspects, lighting with a hemp wick will give the consumer more efficient, flavorful hits, all while preventing inhalation of harmful butane lighter fluids and sulfurous match chemicals.




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