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It’s no secret that TikTok is rapidly growing it’s active user base by the day.  Businesses and consumers are flooding the platform looking for new and exciting content to fill the voids of their day-to-day lives.

As of September 2021, TikTok reached 1 Billion active users.  According to social media experts, they anticipate TikTok will amass another 840 millions users in 2023.

This presents a perfect opportunity for small and medium sized business to get in front of active users and their target audience to help drive brand awareness and sales revenue.  

One industry that is secretly booming on TikTok are cannabis dispensaries and brands throughout the marijuana world.  Using popular hashtags and riding the coat-tails of influencers has given companies within the cannabis world the opportunity to finally break free of the social media advertising restrictions they have faced for years.


Creating TikTok Friendly Cannabis Content

Using a combination of in-store videos and branded graphics together, dispensaries all throughout the nation are rapidly advancing their online following and customer interaction by making short-form content that appeals to their target customers on TikTok.

You must be careful however when attempting to create videos and content for your cannabis brand, that you do not depict the act of smoking or directly promote any of your actual products.  Once a user finds your video, they will go on that journey themselves through your website and other social media channels.  So be sure to only focus on trending topics and give your advice about a user’s involvement with marijuana products.

As we have seen with Facebook, Instagram, and the other social media platforms throughout the world – cannabis companies get the cold-shoulder when it comes to posting video or images of people smoking or promoting anything to do with their product lines.  So be sure to steer clear of these practices, and operate within the guidelines of the TikTok platform.


Using TikTok’s Spark Ads Effectively

One Cannabis Marketing Agency out of Colorado has perfected the strategy for increasing the visibility of cannabis brands throughout the entire TikTok platform.

By focusing on the dispensary’s main product offering and using a combination of customer testimonials and other viral trends on TikTok, they have accomplished outstanding results for quite a few dispensaries throughout Colorado and California.  Most recently, a Humboldt Dispensary saw over a 55% increase in monthly traffic to their website by simple TikTok implementation videos.

Spark Ads are very easily accomplished because they are offered directly to you by the TikTok platform itself.  How it works, is once you post a video to your organic channel, TikTok will ask you if you’d like to use their Spark Ads to promote more views for the video in your local area.  Apply a small budget, and Voila….your video is now being seen by local people within your area.

You can structure your budget to be $10 per day, up to $1000 per day.  It really depends on how heavy you’re wanting to grow your channel and how quickly you’re wanting people to start following your dispensary or brand.


Communicate With Your Followers

Once you start posting and using Spark Ads, you will notice your follower count starting to grow.  It;s important to know that people are following you because they liked the video they saw previously, and most are looking for more content to browse through regarding your company. 

Be sure to continue posting videos of anything you find relevant to the cannabis world and your company in general.  Also – be sure to direct message your followers and if they happen to comment on one of your posts – ALWAYS REPLY.  These are best practices for any successful social media brand, and the same rings true for the marijuana world.


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