Cannabis In Thailand Website Has Perfect Satirical Response To Proposed Banning Of Recreational Cannabis – ” Forwarded this email? Subscribe here for more Breaking: Dr. Ganja On The Run in Thailand – Suspected of Using Cannabis Recreationally”

Glad to see it is Thailand that a media outlet has the perfect satirical response to proposed legislation..

Police responded to reports that the lovable mascot was behaving with great mirth and jocularity while encouraging others to consume cannabis. Did Dr. Ganja violate laws against “recreational use”?


Local law enforcement has been unable to locate Dr. Ganja. His wife has not seen him in over a week and says she has no idea where he could be. Said Mrs. Ganja: “He said he was tipped off that the police wanted to question him. He said he was going to turn himself in. I guess he didn’t?”

Mrs. Ganja said they were both medical cannabis users and took great care never to consume cannabis in the same room together and never to laugh too much while under the enigmatic influence of the plant. Dr. Ganja’s wife was shocked when shown the photo (below) of her husband looking like he was enjoying life while greeting people at the local dispensary.

Dr. Ganja
Setting a bad example for the children. Photo of Dr. Ganja acting elated to see new patients entering a cannabis dispensary in Thailand.

It’s not like him to be so full of glee. I know he knows better. He has been going through a difficult time ever since his best friend the Wizard passed away,” said Mrs. Ganja.

If found guilty, Dr. Ganja faces a year in jail, a 60,000 Baht fine, termination from his job as Thailnd’s cannabis mascot and eviction from his government-subsidized home (below).

Bag End - Wikipedia
Dr. Ganja was nowhere to be found when police arrived at his home on Saturday.

Mrs. Ganja is asking everyone in Thailand, especially law enforcement, to give her furry green husband a chance to explain himself and to remember how gloomily he has greeted cannabis patients since the law against recreational use was put in place.

Mrs. Ganja: Alone and despondent – consuming medical cannabis correctly.

The Chief of police reiterated the importance of remaining indoors, dour and solitary when consuming cannabis, lest they get reported and jeopardize their freedom.

Mrs. Ganja agreed and apologized for any happiness and/or zest for life that might be expressed by cannabis users as a result of this unpleasant episode.

We will update the public as facts about Dr. Ganja’s whereabouts emerge.

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