Cannabis Information for Students

Campus life is complicated. That feeling of being all grown up with absolutely no supervision can be overwhelming and intoxicating. For other people, anxiety, homesickness, social pressure, and isolation hits different, as if activated to the top-notch. On the other hand, peer pressure knocks at your door, offering up a solution in the form of Marijuana.

This is a short story of how students become addicted to cannabis. Besides education, college is about memories, a moment to shape our lives, and meeting people. However, parties are ubiquitous on campus, and in every party, there is alcohol and weed. A study shows that 53% of full-time college students consume alcohol and abuse drugs. That feeling of being high, having absolutely no worry in the world, and feeling all high, is to die for. Before you consume cannabis, here is information you must know about it.

1.   Cannabis affects brain development in teens.

According to science, the brain fully develops at 25 years. Cannabis slows down this process slowly. It diminishes brain processes, and continued use slows them down to a point of zero. The brain is the most crucial part of the body. Ravaging the brain is as good as killing your body.

Some studies suggest that marijuana use in adults is associated with reduced volumes of specific brain regions involved in executive functions such as memory, brain function, and impulsive control, compared to non-users. Other studies show how Marijuana causes a decline in IQ, especially when the user starts at adolescence. The main aim of Advanced Writers is to look out for you. Take care of your body; it is your gem.

2.   Cannabis causes bronchitis.

Cannabis can be consumed in very many ways. It can be smoked or ingested. For most people, smoking is the most indulgent way. Smoke is a toxin in the body. When most people intake smoke, they cough it out, trying to get rid of it. Smoking cannabis damages the lungs. Marijuana smoke injures the cells lining of the airways. This eventually causes the production of phlegm, a chronic cough, acute bronchitis, and wheezing.Smoking marijuana also causes air pockets in between the lungs and between the lungs and chest wall. This especially happens among young to middle-aged who are heavy marijuana smokers. Now, this is particularly very dangerous and is reason enough to make you quit.

3.   Cannabis causes red eyes and glaucoma.

One common characteristic of cannabis smokers is red eyes. Most of them have a murderous look that makes them look suspicious and shady. The rationale for this is that cannabis triggers indicators and induces dilation of the blood vessels. This increases blood flow and causes a decrease in blood pressure, and increased blood flow subsequently causes redness of the eye, causing dizziness. An increase in blood flow to the optic nerve increases susceptibility to optic nerve damage. This worsens glaucoma. Most people assume that the smoke affects the eye, making it red. It turns out that’s not it, and there you have it.

4.   Cannabis causes a weak immune system.

There are three quintessential things in life; your health, your mission, and the people you love. With a weak immune system, you can quickly lose every one of these. Marijuana has often been touted as one of the safest recreational substances available. Smoking marijuana regularly can damage the cells in the bronchial passages, which protect the body against inhaled microorganisms and decrease the ability of the immune cells in the lungs to fight off fungi, bacteria, and tumor cells. For patients with already weakened immune systems, this means an increase in the possibility of dangerous pulmonary infections, including pneumonia, which often proves fatal in AIDS patients. Most people who consume bhang are easily susceptible to acquiring diseases. Most of them are vulnerable to infections such as flu. When smoking in groups, there is the sharing of joints and pipes. When the joint is shared by a person suffering from flu or even a mouth sore, the chances of contracting the same are usually very high. For people who combust cannabis, the immune system quickly gets weak. This is because the immune system works harder to eradicate the toxins generated by the smoke. Inundating the immune system makes it more vulnerable. The body is also at higher risks of developing cancers and other dangerous tumors. Fighting them off is usually more complex than how non-users would fight them.

5.   Cannabis causes increased heart rate.

The heart rate of an average healthy person is estimated at 72 beats per minute, and that of a person high on cannabis can reach up to 150 beats per minute. That is more than double the standard heart rate! As earlier mentioned, cannabis causes dilation of blood vessels, triggering an increase in blood flow. For blood flow to increase, the heart must pump blood faster than average, compensating for the increased rate. This increased heart rate and blood pressure explains why most people faint or get dizzy after smoking weed.

6.   Cannabis causes impaired judgment.

Stories are told of how people have made bad decisions or gotten hurt due to engrossing in bhang. I have heard the one about a man who tried to reach for a balcony on the third floor, only to trip and fall to the first floor and best believe, it was ugly. Cannabis impairs brain judgment, giving the wrong impression and idea. Short distances appear longer and vice versa, while irrational behaviors appear rational. Just like alcohol, weed alters the processing of information.

7.   Cannabis leads to weaker bones.

According to a 2017 case study, heavy use of Marijuana may reduce bone density. Researchers found that those that have used Marijuana heavily, at least 5000 times during their lifetime, had a 5% lower bone density than non-consumers. The reduced bone density increases the risk of bone-related health problems such as osteoporosis, which can increase bone fractures. Such people can hence suffer from fractures which may lead to potentially serious consequences such as surgery. Considering they also have a weaker immune system, they may take a longer time to heal.

Marijuana may feel like the easiest way out, but it never is. The praise given after its consumption is usually short-lived, and the consequences far-reaching. Prevention is always better than cure. Joan Young, a professional academic writer from Advanced Writers, an essay writing service, quotes that recovery is hard, but regret is harder. Marijuana is harmful to you, so ensure you are safe before you get sorry.


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