Cannabis IP-Licensing Company Launches In San Diego

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Cannabis industry professionals Dale Hunt, PhD, JD, Ethan Russo, MD, and Robert C. Clarke have brought together their expertise and joined forces to create the first cannabis company to focus on intellectual property (IP) protection specifically for independent plant breeders and licensing IP for access to markets worldwide. Named Breeder’s Best, the company hopes to bring a global plant-licensing model, proven successful in other agriculture industries, to cannabis.

“We have just begun to scratch the surface of everything that cannabis can do to improve and enhance our lives,” said Dr. Ethan Russo. “That’s what Breeder’s Best will do. Identifying, selectively breeding for and utilizing specific chemical components will truly transform medicine in the coming decades.” Dr. Russo is a board-certified neurologist, preeminent medical cannabis expert, author of more than 50 peer-reviewed medical journal articles and a veteran of GW Pharmaceuticals where he served as Senior Medical Advisor as well as the Sativex® and Epidiolex® clinical trial Study Physician and Medical Monitor.

“I am very excited for the opportunity that Breeder’s Best represents, that being to make cannabis safer and better through the work of cannabis artisans emphasizing organic and regenerative agriculture to produce crops with greater biochemical diversity and a broader range of therapeutic benefits,” Russo added.  

The liberalization of global cannabis laws and growing public acceptance of cannabis have created a rapidly escalating demand for cannabis flower, as well as therapeutics and products made with cannabis. According to a report by Prohibition Partners, the international cannabis industry is projected to grow to more than $103.6 billion by 2024.

Doc Ray has been breeding cannabis for more than 40 years in Humboldt County, California in the heart of cannabis country. Doc is known for developing unique and highly medicinal cannabis varieties for specific conditions, which started in 1984 when he developed a plant to help his mother manage the effects of cancer.  Since then he has been a caregiver for very sick children and adults developing and growing their medicine. A retired Army Green Berets, Doc has a particularly soft spot in his heart for other veterans and has developed two chemovars to help address symptoms of PTSD which he will license to Breeder’s Best. Doc says, “Breeder’s Best gives me a platform to move from obscurity into the light to ensure that the genetics I’ve developed to help people, actually get to the people who need it on a global scale! The Breeder’s Best platform also, ensures that what I’ve developed is protected and remains available to the world for all future generations.”

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Breeder’s Best is like a record company, with independent plant breeders as the rockstars. We don’t tell breeders what to pursue; we help get breeders’ great flower and products made from the flower to people and markets that want them. • We also reach out to the independent breeder community in search of certain chemotypes believed by our medical team to have high potential value as whole-plant medicines. • When we work with a ‘Rockstar Breeder,’ we create IP protection that the breeder owns. We are the breeder’s licensee for commercialization of the cultivar, and the breeder enjoys royalties for however long the cultivar is in demand.


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