Cannabis Legal Advice For A Hassle-Free Road Trip


Road trips gained popularity during the pandemic because they minimized the possibility of infection through contact. The trend is here to stay, even as the virus recedes and air travel resumes. Travel buffs appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of road trips. You will love them even more if you are a cannabis enthusiast because carrying your stash is relatively easy when you do not have to go through a TSA check and deal with airline rules. But you must still follow the legal guidelines to prevent trouble with the authorities. Here is the best legal advice to travel hassle-free.

Research the route-specific rules 

You may have to invest in more research on cannabis laws while traveling the road, but it is worthwhile. Think beyond traveling to a legal state because you must also understand the status along the route. The authorities may apprehend you en route if they find you traversing a non-legal state with cannabis in your luggage. Canadians have to worry less about the legality, but you must check the provincial rules for legit age. Avoid getting into trouble because of a lack of awareness, as it can ruin your trip.

Rely on a sober designated driver

Although you may travel after a session with cannabis, never get behind the wheel as you may face a DUI charge if the authorities stop you. Have a sober designated driver handle the responsibility throughout the trip. You can take turns driving if everyone wants to indulge during an extended road trip. Alternatively, the designated driver can vape during the overnight stopovers. Even the passengers should avoid smoking in the car because the smoke and smell may get them into trouble. 

Carry a small amount

Another road travel tip for cannabis lovers is to pack only a small amount of stash. The temptation to load up on supplies will always be there. But remember that you must follow the quantity limits you can possess legitimately, even if cannabis is legal. You can always replenish your supplies on the way. Check here to buy a broad range of products online across different parts of Canada. You only need to carry your IDs to validate your age to stock up once you run out of your supplies.

Choose portable tools

As a vaper or dabber, you will require tools and accessories to indulge in your cannabis sessions. Choose portable ones as they will fit snugly in your luggage without causing inconvenience or getting unwanted attention. A vape pen is better than a table-top device when traveling because it is lightweight and discreet. Besides packing convenience, it is easy to carry the device and use it when you reach your destination. 

Pack your supplies in the trunk

Pro travelers recommend packing your supplies in the car trunk instead of having it on the seats. You cannot do much about the odor of cannabis products, whether you opt for the flower, oil, or edibles. It is better to be on the safe side if the police stop you on the way because they will probably not go through the trunk if everything looks good. Putting your cannabis in double-layered zip bags can also help to keep the odor problem at bay. 

Traveling with cannabis is tricky, but you can do it easily by staying on the right side of the law. Follow these tips to make your road trip safe and enjoyable. 

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