Cannabis Media: The Demise of Civilized

Remember Civilized cannabis media brand ?

If you don’t you’ll be amazed that this media outlet designed essentially as a propaganda machine for Canopy Growth managed to burn through $7 million in a year with employees and freelancers yet to see some monies owed months after its collapse


Weedweek has put together a little outline explaining the what’s, why’s and wherefore’s…




Business Insider looks into fall of 🔒lifestyle media company Civilized, which aspired to be, “High Times for the upwardly mobile professional,” but has effectively stopped publishing.

  • Civilized raised $7M from Canopy Growth venture arm Canopy Rivers and celebrities like Chelsea Handler.
  • A former employee said the company became more of a public-relations shop than a media company.
  • Some former employees and freelancers say they haven’t been paid.
  • Terri Riedle, who built the company along with her husband, former CEO Derek Riedle, said the cannabis and media business climates have been “unbelievably challenging, to say the least.” The company says it is “almost ready” to relaunch.
  • The story is the first to report on the collapse of a planned acquisition by New Frontier Data.
  • Civilized was desperate to placate advertisers, “who were paying us to write good news,” a former employee said. On LinkedIn, I wrote, “[At WeedWeek] Our business depends on publishing material that will fascinate, inform and delight our readers. Content designed to please advertisers strikes me as the opposite of that.”

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