When it comes to packaging, every commercial product demands for specialized processes and packaging materials. And cannabis is no different from any other product.

For any packaging material, preservation of the product and keeping it safe are of utmost importance. And equally important are the packaging equipment.

For the proper packaging of the product, it is important that the process of packing should be as efficient as the production itself. Of course, if you spend more on packaging than production, it’s going to increase the total price of the end product.

And when it comes to buying the right packaging equipment for your cannabis products, there are certain facts that you must confirm.


What Is The Load Capacity?

Considering the cannabis business, there are no certain limits to the amount of weed being packed. Every company has there own package standards. And no machine can meet all packing standards.

Having said that, it is important that you confirm the loading capacity of the equipment you are to buy. Loading capacity is the range of amount that you can pack using a certain machine. For example, if you wish to be packing cannabis for retail purposes, you need not more than a few ounces of load capacity. Whereas, for bulk orders, you may need a load capacity ranging from a few pounds to a kilopound.


Are There Any Special Requirements?

Simpler pieces of equipment are considered as the most reliable. Moreover, the simplicity of the equipment would also save you a lot of maintenance and repairs cost that follows post-purchase.

What you need to ensure while buying your first piece of equipment is the features included in the machine. Ideally, a cannabis packaging machine would include an integrated weighing scale, a dispenser to load the product and a sealer, to close the packet. Ensuring these features you can rest assured that your packaging machinery is the most efficient and produces the ideal packing for your cannabis products.


Confirm The Level Of Automation

The next step is to look for the level of automation. Depending upon the size of the machine, you can find from totally manual to partially automated, to fully automated packaging equipment. It is noteworthy that the level of automation can reduce the headcount and therefore save you a lot of money.

For example, if you are a weed cultivator, you would need to pack large quantities of flowers in a relatively shorter period of time. This would, of course, call in for automation in the process. Moreover, the higher the level of automation, the better you get the precision in packaging and hence the delivery of perfectly measured quantities. Therefore, reducing the variation in each lot that you deliver to your customers.


Ensure Optimal Production Speed

Of course, the speed of packing marijuana is also an important aspect to be considered when you are buying your first piece of packaging equipment. You’d need higher packaging speeds if you are into the retail business. Since retail business requires a large number of packages containing smaller quantities of marijuana, it is better if you go for higher production speeds.

Additionally, the speed also depends upon the loading capacity of the machine. It is pretty obvious that higher loading capacity would reduce the speed of packing whereas, lower loading capacity can increase the efficiency 

Once you’ve figured out all of these factors, you can very easily sort the perfect cannabis packaging equipment for your canna-business.