Cannabis Products Are Conquering Every Industry: CBD, Black Rabbit, and More

In the last few years, people have known the potential benefits of cannabis and how it can help to treat several conditions. This is why many countries have legalized the use of cannabis in their region for medical purposes and recreational. Nowadays, the spectrum of effects of the cannabis plant has increasingly focused not only on medicine, but the beauty industry knows how to make use of the potential. Topical use of cannabidiol is rising. The main ingredient is CBD which is known for its anti-inflammatory, calming, and pain-relieving properties. Unlike THC and other products available at black rabbit, it has no psychoactive effects.

Cannabis for Skin

Creams with CBD are not a miracle cure because everyone has different skin and reacts differently, especially to natural active ingredients, even allergic. Nevertheless, CBD is mainly used in creams by the beauty industry, as this active ingredient is not only proven to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Let’s find out how CBD works on the skin.

How CBD Creams Work


The sebum glands are blocked in acne, and purulent pustules and blackheads often form on the skin. The sebum-forming cells can be positively influenced by the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD.

Dry skin

Care is essential for healthy and radiant skin. Particularly dry skin usually looks pale, and it tends to wrinkle more often. With increasing age, our skin loses moisture, elasticity, and the natural protective film. Face creams with CBD donate a lot of moisture and leave the skin feeling pleasant. Products that also contain shea butter, or other natural substances enhance this effect.


The skin disease psoriasis is a genetic predisposition that can be inherited. It is usually chronic and occurs in flares. Creams with CBD are said to have a positive effect on the inflamed areas of the skin.

In a nutshell, it has these impacts

  • Relieves inflammation
  • Reduces itching
  • Promotes regeneration of the skin
  • Has a positive effect on the sebum-forming cells
  • Building the skin barrier

Who Are CBD Creams For?

Creams with CBD are suitable for all skin types and can be used as required. These skincare products are ideal as moisturizers. Not only mature skin needs moisture, but also young skin from the age of 20. Stress and environmental toxins put your skin on, making it look pale, irritated, and dry. With a CBD cream, your skin will shine naturally again.

Creams with added CBD are indispensable, especially in winter. Here it is mainly the temperature fluctuations that cause irritation to the skin. The protective function of the skin is extremely impaired in the winter months. The sebum glands restrict their function in cold temperatures, and the natural fatty film of the skin is decimated. As a result, the skin loses moisture very quickly, which you can restore to your most important organ with a CBD cream. The large temperature differences in particular cause redness on the face of sensitive skin. A cream with CBD soothes and nourishes the skin and helps to soften the red spots.


CBD products are becoming more popular every day, but not every skincare product that advertises CBD as an ingredient is qualitative. You need to buy such cannabis products from trusted stores like Just Cannabis Store. As a customer, diligent research is required.

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