Cannabis Stores in Canada Vs California

When marijuana became legal in Canada due to the federal Cannabis Act, Canada was only the second country in the world to fully legalize it countrywide. Canadian stoners cheered on October 17th, 2018, as stores opened up to legally sell marijuana for the first time recreationally.


California also has legalized marijuana for recreational usage and is currently selling it in stores. While California’s full-scale legalization was codified in 2017, it has been legal medically since 1996. This has given California a head start in the weed cultivation process, resulting in California being the gold standard for marijuana in terms of potency, taste, and strain development. Cookies, for example, is an iconic cannabis brand that has a rabid following due to its grassroots marketing and fantastic strains. Canada has had to play a little bit of catch-up regarding their weed quality.


However, there are many chief differences in the ways that stores in Canada vs. California operate. Though California weed is iconic, the laws around marijuana in America and Canada respectively give Canadians some interesting advantages. In this article, we will highlight the main differences between cannabis stores in California vs. Canada. 


Rules Vary by Province in Canada

The biggest difference regarding the legalization status of Canada vs. California is that Canada no longer has cannabis classified as a schedule 1 drug. While cannabis in California largely has to stay in California, the drug is free to flow between different provinces in Canada. 


Lower legal Age in Canada (Mostly)

The second is that in California, the legal age to buy cannabis is fixed at 21 years old. The age of buying cannabis in Canada varies from province to province, but the general range is 18-21, with the most common age being 19. The only two that deviate are Quebec, which requires users to be 21 years old, and Alberta, which requires users to be 18. The Dank cannabis store, located in Alberta Canada, thrives with the comparatively young legal age requirements. With everything available from drinks to concentrates, they are able to deliver wonderful products to a huge audience base. In fact they are  planning to open up 5 more cannabis stores next year.


Cannabis by Mail

Since Canadian weed is run by the government, users can receive marijuana by mail. Despite weed being legal in California, it’s a felony to mail weed, due to its lack of legal status countrywide. Weed being mailed to users is very advantageous to those in rural areas of Canada, who may not have a dispensary near them. 

The Dank Cannabis stores located in Canada make it easy to order online and pick up products quickly upon arriving. Experience the feel of a dispensary when visiting Dank stores in Canada. They provide a California atmosphere with Canadian benefits – truly the best of both worlds. 



In short, Canada provides users with consistent access to cannabis. As they continue to develop unique strains, they are solidifying themselves as one of the prime cannabis destination spots this side of the Atlantic. 

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