Cannabista rewarded Standard Processing Licence for cannabis from Health Canada

Cannabista Inc. (“Cannabista”), a Canadian provider of cannabis processing solutions and its affiliates (collectively “the Company”), are pleased to announce that Cannabista has been granted the Standard Processing Licence on July 30, 2021, issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act Regulations. With its mass production capacity and innovative drying process, Cannabista will be operational immediately. A new Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) outdoor building with optimized extraction technology for cannabis processing, which will be operational this fall, will allow the addition of new products to its vast portfolio to support the strong demand of its current and future partners. This licence positions Cannabista on the global scale as a qualified supplier, offering a full range of products, services and solutions to the cannabis industry through its outsourcing and white-label business model.

Its plant will have the capacity to extract 300 tons of biomass depending on daily work cycles, and formulate up to 1,000,000 liters of product per year. In addition, the Company has 600,000 square feet of land for future expansions to meet high demand.

Dominic Daigle, co-founder and CEO: “We are delighted to have received our Health Canada licence issued over such a short period of time, due in large part to a comprehensive file prepared by our team of dedicated specialists. We are now able to deploy our coveted LyocanTM drying technology. Our superior process to traditional drying with an annual capacity of 150 tons of biomass (phase 1) will allow our partners to improve their cannabis, and create new categories of flowers with unique characteristics. Our various custom-built technologies will make it possible to extract cannabis at high throughput, its refining and its formulation. Supported by its strategic vision, the Company will be well positioned to achieve its goal of becoming the global leader in cannabis transformation solutions.”

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