Cannabiz Australia Report: “How low-cost imports will change Australian cannabis”

Great report from Cannabiz (Australia) and as they say…

The question in Australian cannabis boardrooms will be whether to embrace the change, wait-and-see or oppose imports from low-cost countries. 

Those decisions will not be taken overnight, as we have learned from other industries which have faced disruptive change. 

It’s about time there was some modicum of competition in the Australian market and here at CLR we know that the Americans are chomping at the bit to get into the Australian CBD market (as well as medical cannabis) and the Uruguayans too. It won’t be long before the Thais see opportunities in Australia also.

We are hearing more stories from prospective medical cannabis patients in Australia applying to some companies and being led through a labryinth that is designed to relieve them of their cash rather  than their medical issue(s).

Competition is, as we all know, the bete-noire of  the domestic Australian economy so it’ll be fun to see some outsiders shake up the applecart at long last.

Here’s the Cannabiz story

How low-cost imports will change Australian cannabis


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