Cannabiz Report: There’s No Medicinal Cannabis Flower In Aus & Don’t Expect Any Soon

Great report by Cannabiz

We could say it is unbelievable but unfortunately it is totally believable.

It is just a pity there isn’t a loophole in the legislation as there is in NZ with regard to unfettered unapproved imports and then Australian patients wouldn’t have to be at the mercy of the the Canadians.

New Zealand: Section 25 Of NZ’s Medicines Act Causing Chaos Says Country’s Medical Cannabis Council

Before we give you a snippet of the report we’ll also make an informed guess as to why there is a shortage of flower.

Over the last 12 months Australian police forces have been merrily trying to deconstruct the black market in growing in Australia with some level of success. There is without doubt less stock and more demand led by the pandemic. As we have reported previously a portion of the medical market is turning into an informal black market as some patients onsell to be able to fund their over priced medical cannabis prescriptions. The combining factors of a slow Health Canada, less black market supply in Australia and the cost of medicinal cannabis are obviously now all combining in a perfect storm.

Yes .. who suffers. The medical Cannabis patient.

It is also worth noting that the market wants flower, not silly faux scientific tinctures, sprays and oils.

The market wants what it knows to be high grade medical flower.


Cannabiz write by way of introduction

Australia is in the midst of a serious medicinal cannabis flower shortage.

Hundreds of patients are being told their prescribed medicine is unavailable, and it could remain that way for weeks or possibly months to come. The shortage is so widespread that even patients who have been approved/prescribed multiple flower products in tandem, specifically to protect against supply interruptions, have been left out in the cold.

In an industry that has experienced more than its fair share of issues, the current shortage stands out for several reasons.

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