Cannacurio Publish Their End Of Year Leaderboard On Which States Granted The Most Licenses & Which Companies Received The Most

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Now that 2022 has wrapped up, we want to share our annual round-up of which states issued the most dispensary/retailer licenses. Our 2021 recap post showed that 2,602 licenses were issued, and for 2022, the count came in at 2,750. Four states accounted for 66% of the newly issued licenses in 2022.

Key Findings

  • Oklahoma accounted for 886 (32%) of the newly issued licenses.
  • New Mexico was second with 376.
  • Oklahoma’s biggest licensing months occurred after the moratorium went into place!
  • There were 10,294 stores holding 11,022 licenses at the end of 2022.



Company Leaderboard

In looking across the 2,750 new licenses, it is illuminating to see which companies added stores.  Based on the Cannabiz Media License Database, here are the 13 companies that added 10 or more licenses:


Finally, the table below shows the final Cannabiz Media tally of dispensary/retail licenses for December 31, 2022:


In our 2021 wrap-up, we had 9,512 dispensary and retail licenses. Even though 2,602 were added, the industry netted out at 11,022 – a 15.9% increase over a year ago. Our Director of Regulatory Research pointed out this week that for the first time ever, we have three contiguous states rolling out adult programs in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. There also continues to be chatter in the laggard markets like Wisconsin and Kansas.


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