CannaSOS Founder Launches “Perkscoin – The 420 Digital Currency”

9 January 2017

Here’s the press release in full.

Introducing Perkscoin – The 420 Digital Currency

The CannaSOS Team is proud to present Perkscoins (PRC) – the new virtual currency for the marijuana industry.

Today many marijuana-related businesses are in a bit of a pickle: due to the legal status of marijuana, and the banks refusing to process payments and deposit funds. Because of this, the majority of sale transactions are done in cash, limiting online business options. In many countries, the law classifies marijuana as an illegal substance, making all cannabis related financial operations balance on the brink of legality. Hence, many financial institutions refuse to provide services to established canna-businesses and do not give loans to marijuana-related startups.

My name is Oleg Chein and I am a founder of My company has developed a financial alternative for 420 businesses – Perkscoin (PRC). PRC is a digital currency for users who wish to sell their goods and services via CannaSOS, the cannabis social network.

Cash Free Network.

When the CannaSOS team began developing Perkscoin, it was simply a concept of a reward system for our users. With time, Perkscoin project has evolved into a digital currency, with the reward system in mind. CannaSOS has decided to create a simple economy model based on user activity. Be more active by writing or posting interesting articles, ask meaningful advice questions or leave comments, earn contribution points and convert them into Perkscoins. Earn hassle free additional income! No obligations, no strings attached. Simple as that.

Perkscoin (PRC) can be purchased or given to other community members. While this is only in development, we hope to roll out a PRC Reward Card, which will be accepted by all businesses on the CannaSOS network. Another thing I look forward to is the possibility of utilizing Perkscoin in partner dispensaries. We didn’t just create a new digital currency; we are building a financial and social network for the cannabis industry.

The Wallet feature, currently available on CannaSOS, takes us one step closer to our goals. It allows users to create an account in Perkscoins, USD, EUR, CAD or GBP. Subscribers can exchange PRC points for currency or purchase goods and advertising. Additionally, one may choose to convert Perkscoins into a local currency and use it to refill the wallet.

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