Juicy Fields Scam / Class Action

Juicy Fields Scam Simply Explained

Established in 2020, JuicyFields offered a service where investors or, as the company called them, e-growers, could participate in the cultivation, harvesting, and sale of cannabis plants promising monthly returns between 6% and 14%.

JuicyFields claimed its platform had 500,000 users, mainly from Europe and Latin America.

Users could invest up to €180,000 (around $183,000) starting from €50 (around $51).

Money could be deposited and withdrawn via bank transfer or cryptocurrencies.

They could buy and sell plants, manage them in virtual greenhouses, and have their money paid out.

However, JuicyFields suddenly stopped its operations in mid-July. It froze cash withdrawals, removed their profiles from social media networks, and disappeared without a trace. Therefore, its users could not log in to their accounts and withdraw money.

Source Forbes – https://www.forbes.com/sites/dariosabaghi/2022/07/25/juicyfields-may-be-the-biggest-scam-in-the-cannabis-industry/?sh=75d834186293

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The Class Action – Lars Oloffson writes

For us, there is no doubt whatsoever that JuicyFields is from the beginning a scam and fraud. Everything follows the pattern that similar businesses follow and we know the approach very well. In addition, with the great knowledge we have about growing and manufacturing in hemp, it is a completely impossible equation that JuicyFields has presented.

We have investigated and been involved in a similar arrangement called Exterglobal and operate from Switzerland with the same focus on the cultivation of medical hemp, etc. Since we have been working with hemp and cbd oil for many years, we know the industry and most operators well and what opportunities there are. This is a valuable experience and knowledge when working on a case like JuicyFields.

Our experience is that it is almost impossible to try to get back the money paid in from those to whom you have paid. These criminal organizations are very sophisticated and experienced and have systems and arrangements in place to completely hide the money and cover up the traces behind them. As sophisticated as they are to deceive, just as sophisticated are they in disappearing with the money.

The strategy we have used in these cases is to go for the banks that transferred the money. We are specialists in financial regulations and have well-developed contacts with the authorities that supervise the banking systems. Our strategy is to look at whether the banks have followed the rules they have to follow – and if we find any errors, and we usually do, then we will report it to the respective bank management. If we report the errors to the financial authorities, the banks will be properly fined, and fines will be imposed for even small errors, of many millions of Euros. Here we work out a negotiating position that we then use to claim compensation for our clients. This is a strategy that we have had success with.

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Lawyer Lars Olofsson

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