CBD Cigarettes: Everything You Need to Know

CBD cigarettes are as fresh as they sound. Rather than use nicotine and other tobacco products, CBD cigars are made of pure hemp and a slight addition of THC. For cigarette smoker trying to quit, smoking cessation can be a real devil to kick out of the system. The good news is that CBD cigarettes can come equally handy to ease the urge for tobacco. The withdrawal effects of typical smoking are not easy to handle, as it may seem on paper. For this reason, expert CBD scientists finally figured that both help and tobacco lovers could benefit from the use of CBD cigarettes. Here are further details about everything you need to know about CBD cigarettes.


Reliable evidence from peer-reviewed sources reveals that CBD products, more CBD cigars significantly mitigate the impacts of smoking withdrawal by up to 40%. These statistics are far better than any other recommended and affordable means of coping with the effects of smoking cessation. This is excellent news for both young and old tobacco users who are on a mission to break the habit. For this reason alone, CBD cigarettes are not only a great alternative for tobacco cigarettes, but also quite beneficial from both a health and economic perspective.


CBD cigars have 99% of CBD and less than 1% of THC. This means that while CBD cigars have purely manufactured ingredients, tobacco products have chemically induced components like tar and nicotine. The comparison of nicotine cigarettes and CBD cigars reveals that the impacts are the same, only that CBD is better because it is purely organic. Just because CBD cigarette comes in what seems like a nicotine cigarette package does not necessarily mean that it is equally harmful. Unlike nicotine cigars that can cause cancer, CBD cigarettes can kill tumours. Thus, eliminating the possibility of cancer.


Types of CBD Cigarettes

· Hemptrance CBD cigarettes

This is one of the strongest and natural forms of CBD cigarettes. It is organic and contains the whole CBD spectrum. These include CBG, CBC, THC, Terpenes and CBG. These burns slowly, but the feeling is instant.


  • Plain Jane’s CBD Pre-Rolled Cigarettes

    They are affordable and straightforward to order online. These are made out of cigarette rice paper. They also have the whole CBD spectrum of ingredients. An additional pack of full matches comes with purchasing this CBD cigar.

    Most importantly, it has no odour.


  • Wellmart CBD Premium

    The last category is identical to nicotine cigarettes. Even though this brand of CBD cigars is among the most expensive at $35 a pack, there is no doubt that its quality deserves the price mark. The best part is that its ingredients come from the purest of all forms of hemp.


The Future of CBD Cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are the future of all CBD products. The reason is that the cigarettes give the users the same feeling they get when they smoke nicotine cigarettes and a whole lot of better advantages. For example, both of them can induce sleep and relaxation. Both can help the smoker calm down in stressful situations. However, only one of them if organic and free from any health threats. CBD cigarettes have the potential of taking over nicotine cigarettes based on the psychological, physical, social and economic merits that come with using CBD cigars.


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