CBD Dangers: Seven Tips To Determine If CBD Is Real Or Fake

The broad acceptance, exploding popularity and unclear regulations make the CBD market a source of misinformation. As cannabidiol becomes more prominent, the danger of fake CBD products and scammers increases as well. Some dishonest manufacturers try to jump into the cannabis boom by tricking customers and counterfeiting CBD with contaminated, dangerous and synthetic components, or non-existent cannabidiol. If you care about your health and want to prevent risks of acute reactions caused by harmful ingredients in the composition, learn how to identify fake CBD infused products.

Cannabidiol products come in various forms, types, and concentrations, while CBD oils remain one of the most preferred product categories among CBD consumers. Despite the wealth of options, purchasing quality products is surprisingly tricky.

In some cases, CBD products you find on the websites might be downright fake. Although these products are offered mostly on the black market, even if you bought CBD online and the product is original, it can contain heavy metals or artificial additives that defeat the purpose of improving health. Before identifying whether CBD is of high quality, it’s essential to understand which CBD oil is safe, effective and considered as a high quality product.


What Is A High-Quality CBD?

A high-quality CBD product should include the right amount of cannabinoids without any chemicals or heavy metals. Such a clean composition will provide potency and benefits for health.

Any CBD product, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or CBD isolate, can be high quality as long as it’s manufactured from organic hemp plants, delivered using a safe method, and tested by a third-party laboratory. 


How To Distinguish Quality CBD Product?

Firstly, start with searching for some basic information about the seller, offered assortment and contact details. If something looks suspicious, make sure contact information is valid by calling the company before making a purchase.

Also, pay attention to the quality of writing. Each person makes mistakes from time to time; however, repeated spelling errors, odd turns of phrase, or even intimidating language can all be signs that you are dealing with frauds. Furthermore, pay attention to the following important factors:  

Trustworthy Reviews

Do a little research and check out users reviews to find out what other consumers thought of the brand. Reviews can give you information on products and help you understand what the company is really like. A reasonable number of genuine testimonials about the product indicate that a broad audience trusts a CBD company.


Reasonable Price

Another essential factor that many CBD customers overlook is the price. Most people think that if the product is expensive, then it is of high quality. However, fake CBD companies often set a high price as consumers are willing to pay anyway. If the chosen CBD product seems overpriced or on the contrary too cheap, this product is probably counterfeit.

Consider purchasing CBD products that offer excellent value for money. Compare available products on the market and find out how your product is different from others, which could explain such a high cost. 

Realistic Promises

Take a look at how the brand is promoting its business. Tall promises of curing, preventing, treating or diagnosing all health conditions can lure customers yet raise suspicion in the company. While cannabidiol is a useful compound that is widely used due to its naturalness and effectiveness, it can’t cure all diseases and ailments.

CBD Source

Be sure to check the seller’s website and find out what extraction method is used for CBD delivery and where the hemp was grown. A reputable company won’t hide the information about CBD production and contents of their CBD range.

High-grade CBD is made from industrial hemp that is federally legal and can be grown under safe conditions to obtain quality CBD products. Hemp that is produced in Europe and North America comply with strict guidelines, guaranteeing that they are of high standard. 

Also, it might be a great idea to opt for organic hemp. Most brands will state this information on the website if the distillate was grown organically. Companies that are transparent and clear about their cannabis sourcing and production methods are more credible. 


Certificate Of Analysis 

Most reputed brands provide certificates of analysis (COA) to confirm products’ genuineness to their potential customers. Third-party testing from an independent laboratory is crucial for establishing the safety, potency, and purity of CBD products. 

Third-party laboratories test products not only for synthetic components but also for other contaminants such as pesticides, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and other various ingredients. COA’s show all data about specific products with a percentage amount of detected substances in composition.

Fake CBD products typically won’t have lists of components, let alone any test results from laboratories. 


THC Concentration

Nowadays, another infamous cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is considered an illegal compound. THC is the intoxicating chemical found in marijuana, that can cause a ‘high’ in case of misuse or consumption in high concentrations. 

A quality CBD infused product is often made from hemp and contains little traces of THC  or might be completely THC-free.

Third-party lab tests can also help you to verify the THC content. Legal limits of the THC compound vary from one country to another, so it’s vital to check determined amounts for a particular country to make sure a CBD product includes allowed traces of THC.

Colour Of CBD

If you have already bought a CBD product, or you are planning to buy one, pay attention to the colour of the oil. Colour can be an indication of the quality and purity of the items. However, you have to be extra careful with this factor and have a pretty keen eye. The colour of CBD oil varies in each product and depends on various factors such as used carrier oil, extraction method, additional ingredients and essential oils.

A full-spectrum extract tends to be dark green or brown, while isolate is influenced by the colour of the carrier oil. Green CBD is a good sign that a product includes a vast amount of cannabinoids and plant compounds.


Final Thoughts 

With these simple ways of spotting fake products above, finding a reputable seller isn’t as hard as it looks. Nevertheless, CBD shopping experience requires some caution and proper research to ensure goods are safe for health, and you are investing in a high-quality product.

As long as you remember to read reviews, search for a certificate of analysis and make sure the composition is clean, you shouldn’t have problems in finding quality CBD products. Many CBD brands have been around for a long time now, earned a reputation and are trusted by most consumers. 

Always make sure you choose the best CBD products from a trustworthy company when you place your order. Never let free trials, promotions, discounts or doubtful claims fool you and waste your money.

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