CBD makers using C02 extraction may be violating patent, Canopy says

Hemp Today reports…

Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth says CBD makers employing a specific CO2 extraction method could owe them licensing fees or compensation.

Canopy made the claim in a patent infringement lawsuit filed this week against UK-based medical CBD maker GW Pharmaceuticals. The suit could have broad implications for any companies making both THC and CBD oil. Canada-based Canopy Growth has business in both marijuana and CBD.

“Potentially everybody who does CO2 extraction may be infringing.” Larry Sandell, a Washington-DC patent attorney, told Forbes: “I don’t know how much CO2 extraction falls outside the scope of the patent’s claims. This is why people should care.”

News of the lawsuit was first reported by Marijuana Moment Wednesday.

Who’s at risk?

“Unless GW is able to prove that the patent is invalid, that could mean Canopy would have exclusive rights to an extraction process that is widely used across the market, leaving any company that relies on this method at risk of litigation,” according to Marijuana Moment.

Ontario-based Canopy Growth said it acquired the U.S. patent when it bought Germany’s C³ Cannabinoid Compound Co. in 2019

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