In order to consume CBD oil, vaping will be the preferred method as per the purists and scientists. With vaping, CBD will increase the bioavailability substantially. Hence, you can easily absorb more CBD that you can take by inhaling rather than taking it orally.

As you ingest CBD vape oil you are also ingesting Cannabinoid Terpenes, which have certain amazing properties e.g. antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-bacterial and much more. Unlike oral consumption, inhaling CBD allows to absorb high percentage so it is very cost-effective alternative.

What is CBD?

The short form of Cannabidiol is known as CBD and is one among the 500 natural ingredients found in Cannabis or Marijuana Plant. THC is one of the other elements that are responsible for giving the high. Besides, there are many other cannabinoids beneficial for treating health issues.

However, CBD is the isolated one which seems to offer the greatest therapeutic benefits and is opted for medical use. Many of you may not be aware that humans produce cannabinoids and CBD is also one of the integral part their body.

How do CBD compounds work in your system?

In simple terms, the CBD compounds attach themselves with the Endocannabinoid System, which is also called ECS that plays a main role in the Homeostasis.

It means the equilibrium and balance between the many different things, which are constantly happening within human body like your appetite, mood, pain sensation, memory, blood sugar, regulation of your body temperature, pH levels, nervous system, and immune system gets regulated. This means that human body needs Cannabinoids just in order to stay alive.

CBD which is produced by cannabis (Phyto cannabinoids) can mimic very well with the CBD in human physiology, and that is why CBD works so much well in therapeutic treatment.

Endocannabinoid system really named after plant

In 1960s, a person called Raphael Mechoulam recognized and isolated THC, shortly before CBD was identified. Over a period of time, this small discovery led to another detection of physiological system that was of great importance in human. So, it was named Endocannabinoid System to commemorate that plant.

Benefits of CBD oil vaping

  • Helps epilepsy patients in reducing their seizures
  • Insomnia sufferers can enhance their sleep
  • A solid antidepressant for people struggling with stress and anxiety
  • Reduces skin cells growth and treats psoriasis
  • Provides anti-inflammatory effects on the sebaceous glands and treats acne
  • Protects joints against severe swelling and pain in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Helps in alleviating chronic pain
  • Potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth and spread
  • Treats cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Decreases resting systolic BP and stroke possibility
  • Relieves from inflammatory bowel disease

CBD oil gets absorbed faster and reached bloodstream via lungs rather than digestive system. So, its therapeutic effect is seen fast and idea for suffering patients.

Customize dosage

CBD products like capsules and gummies are pre-measured dosages of cannabidiol but CBD oil can be customized to your needs. By mixing CBD oil with your favored e-liquid to enjoy a tasty CBD vaping experience.