CBD Oil: What You Have To Pay Attention To

CBD oil is a product that is starting to appear on the OTC shelves of many drugstores. And even though it has been rising in popularity over the past few years, many people still find themselves hesitant to consider using it.


This is because they assume that it is similar to marijuana and that using CBD oil will give them the feeling of being high. Marijuana is still illegal in many places around the world, as well, so many feel uncomfortable with the thought of having CBD oil in their possession. However, consumers also need to realize that there is a difference between CBD oil and marijuana. CBD oil does not contain THC, which is the compound in marijuana that creates the feeling of being high.


People commonly take CBD oil as a way to lessen their anxiety or to reduce chronic pain. It is safe enough to use daily. However, not all CBD oil products are created equally. If you are considering using CBD oil, here is what you’ll want to pay attention to.

Different forms available

CBD oil is available in different forms; what product you purchase depends on your needs. Two common forms are pills and liquids. Some people also vape CBD oil, though this can result in overconsumption. There are also topical creams that are placed directly on the skin.

Pills are easy to swallow and contain a premeasured amount of CBD oil but can take up to an hour before you begin feeling any relief. Liquid CBD oil can be placed under the tongue, where it becomes absorbed into your bloodstream. It generally provides more immediate relief. Liquid CBD oil can also be ingested.

Source of hemp

Next, since CBD is extracted from hemp, you’re going to want to pay attention to where the hemp was sourced from. Hemp can absorb toxic substances from the air, water, and ground from the environment in which it is grown.Generally, you’ll want to purchase CBD oil that was sourced from organically grown hemp.

Other hemp could contain pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or other toxic chemicals. While farmers use these products to protect crops, ingesting them harms humans. For example, pesticides and herbicides have been linked to various cancers, including leukemia. Organic hemp, however, is free from these toxic substances.


Extraction of CBD

The way the CBD is extracted from the hemp also needs to be considered. Extracting CBD is a complicated process and some companies will try to find the cheapest way possible to save money. Unfortunately, cheap methods often include harsh chemical solvents, such as propane and ethanol. These toxic chemicals then remain in the CBD, which means they eventually end up in your body.

However, if the CBD is extracted by using carbon dioxide under high pressure at a low temperature to pull out the CBD, no contaminants are left behind. With this method, the carbon dioxide simply evaporates.

CBD & THC in product

Look at the concentration of CBD and THC in the product. Some companies dilute CBD, which means the product doesn’t contain as much CBD as you might think. The lower the concentration of CBD in a product, the less likely you will benefit from the full effects of taking CBD. You can determine the concentration of the CBD in a product by looking at how much mg of CBD are in each ounce.

Also determine if the product contains THC. Remember, THC is the compound that provides the high sensation in marijuana. Even small amounts of THC can be traced in drug tests.

Third-party testing

Finally, determine if a third-party accredited laboratory has approved the product. Every company wants to make their product seem as good and appealing as possible, but there are ways to verify that the product is high-quality.

Check to see if the product has a third-party certification. A third-party accredited laboratory will check to make sure that the CBD oil is free from harmful products, such as pesticides and other heavy metals. While any company can claim to be organic and free from toxic chemicals, only a third-party certification from an accredited laboratory verifies that the product is as good as the company claims it is.

Final thoughts

While many people might benefit from taking CBD oil, you should always do your research carefully before starting to use a particular product. You should also talk to a medical professional before starting to use CBD oil, to make sure that it won’t interfere with any medications that you’re on.

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