Congratulations to Seth & his colleagues in the practice. Cannabis Law Report notes that the firm have taken the sector with a far more open and adult approach than many similar sized firms on both coasts.

Here at CLR we note that the past few months have brought many more “cannabis practices” out of the woodwork and we’d be surprised if, by the end of 2019, there were many if any at all in the top 100 not advertising the fact that they work in sector.

Only 12-14 months ago it was quite a different story.

In terms of legal media it is the same. On a visit to London only this time last year CLR approached one legal directory company about the opportunites in the market. Let’s say the older wiser head was engaged by the conversation but the younger management types showed little imagination. We’d imagine, that now Chambers & partners are recognizing cannabis practices it won’t be long before others do and we already know of a company only a stones throw from Borough Market who are starting on developing a product for the US market.


Here’s what Chambers and Partners are up to