Cheech & Chong In The UK.. The Sheriff of Nottingham Media Release..”Cannabis-filled car pulled over following rapid police response”

I know i shouldn’t giggle but if there were a Darwin awards for cannabis this would be one of the top contenders for 2024

Notts Police Press Release

Police pulled over a car packed-full of cannabis plants and arrested a suspect at the roadside.

That discovery came just minutes after officers were called to reports of a burglary in Stapleford.

The front door of a house in Ryecroft Street was found wide open when officers arrived, around 2.40am on Tuesday (2 April).

A search was then carried out of the premises, which resulted in large quantities of cannabis being discovered growing across multiple rooms.

Bags full of cropped cannabis plants were also found, while the electrics were seen to have been bypassed to power the grows.

Within ten minutes, police tracked down a vehicle of interest travelling north on the M1 and brought it to a stop at Junction 29, near Chesterfield.

Around 100 cropped cannabis plants were subsequently found packed into bags at the back of the car, along with two axes.

A 25-year-old man was at that point arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis, burglary, and possessing an offensive weapon in public.

Inspector Mike Ebbins, District Commander for Broxtowe, said: “This was a great example of our policing colleagues working in tandem to get a positive result – all within a few minutes of us being called.

“After attending reports of a burglary, it quickly became apparent that the property was being used to grow cannabis and that some of these plants had been taken.

“Our response teams then worked closely with roads policing officers in Derbyshire to track down and pull over a vehicle of interest on the motorway.

“As a result of this quick action, we were able to seize large quantities of Class B drugs, both in the car and back at a house in Stapleford, while also arresting a suspect in the process.

“It has been said many times before, but cannabis production is by no means a victimless crime.

“On the contrary, it attracts nothing but trouble to areas, while also posing a very real fire risk to neighbouring properties, due to electricity being dangerously bypassed.

“We don’t want to see these grows anywhere near our communities, so we’d ask anyone with any information or concerns about potential drug activity in their area to call us on 101.

“People can also get in touch with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 11, where information can be reported anonymously.”

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