Clifton Flack CEO of Israeli Company CIITECH Launches New UK Outpost

Here’s the PR in full

I’ve spent the past few weeks building a team of seasoned pharmacologists and drug developers and creating unique partnerships with leading institutions, all of which will ensure CIITECH’s success.

Are you serious, the UK?

The MHRA, the UK’s medicines and healthcare products regulatory body, is currently regulating specific non-psychoactive cannabinoids as a ‘dietary supplements’ with medicinal value.

Our products are 100% Scientifically validated, 100% Non-Psychoactive, 100% LEGAL in the UK today.

So what’s your game plan?

Initially, we’re focused on products for obesity and other metabolism-related disorders such as diabetes type 2. We’re aiming create a portfolio of products including neurological and dermatological-related conditions such as ADHD, migraines, psoriasis and eczema

I’m expecting first pilot product range to hit the shelves in the coming months, when we’ll be inviting the British public to apply to join one of our local clinical studies…keep your eyes peeled if you want to join 🙂

There’s so much more to tell, and I will as we move rapidly towards bringing Israeli cannabis innovation to the UK.

I invite you all to visit our website, join our mailing list, follow us socially, and hit me up with a reply if you want to know more.

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