Here’s the chart and our two main takeaways are.

Our readership is more interested in hemp than cannabis and everybody loves a story about a Trump family member, estranged or not.

We hope you found some of our more down to earth reporting on the likes of Harborside, updated cases and some of the legal minutiae interesting too!


1.)  California Company With Chinese Partner Plans To Build World’s Largest Hemp Processing Plant in Kentucky

So the question here is.. “how much involvement did the esteemed leader of the senate have with this deal, if any at all. Was this in mind in order to ensure insure re-election or a future board spot?  It’ll all come out in the wash eventually.

2.) Canadian House of Commons Bill Typo Means ill c-45 Currently Legalizing Cannabilism

We’re glad you picked up on this story. It amused us too, at the time!

3.) WHO Expert Committee On Drug Dependence Closed Door Sessions May Result In International Cannabis Re-Scheduling

And the circus continues, is all we can say at the moment. 2019..who knows ?

4.) Motley Fool Says These Are The Four Pure Play Companies of The Moment

It’ll be interesting to see how they all are faring in 12 months time

5.) It Had To Happen NYPD Arrest Tiffany Trump on Cannabis Charges

If it’s a Trump story it’s bound to be read

6.) The Irony, Given His Name: Sen. Chuck Grassley Throws Spanner In Works For Hemp Bill

The irony.. oh the irony. But… in the end sen. McConnell and his trusty hemp pen won the day

7.) Our Hemp & CBD Predictions For 2018

We won’t embarrass ourselves by looking at what we wrote !

8.) Lesotho Allows Cannabis Cultivation But Only For Two Foreign Owned Companies

Who’d have know Lesotho would be the only outside US story to feature in our top ten. Germany, Holland, Columbia, Canada  who cares !

9.) Missouri Governor Signs Hemp Bill HB 2034 Into Law Before Resignation

Obviously a hero to CLR readers 

10.) Not To Sure What Pure Cannabidiol Is.. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Don’t say we’re not here to educate you