Colorado: Medical Marijuana Product Recall Because Of Use Of Pesticide

26 April 2016

The report goes on to say that….

The recall appears linked to others in which Guardian, a product that had been sold as all-natural, was found to contain concentrations of a pesticide banned for use on marijuana.

The state in January removed Guardian from its list of pesticide products approved for use on cannabis.

In the latest recall, more than 92 lots of marijuana — each lot can contain dozens of plants — produced by Life Flower Dispensary at its grow facility on Arapahoe Road in Boulder and sold at its dispensary on Leetsdale Drive in Glendale are subject to the recall, according to the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

“That’s exactly what we’re going through,” general manager Neal Bigelow said of the business’s use of Guardian.

“We were using Guardian in late-September and early-October, and there are a couple of those plants still in flower,” he said.

State tests found the presence of avermectin, a pesticide not allowed for use in growing cannabis.

Life Flower is owned by Medicine Man LLC, but is not affiliated with the Medicine Man dispensaries in Denver and Aurora.

The state dubs a marijuana recall a “public health and safety advisory” though it asks businesses to gather up and destroy any affected product. Consumers are urged to return impacted products to the place of purchase so the items can be disposed properly.

Product labels affected by the recall will display Life Flower’s license numbers — 403-00911 or 402-00613. The impacted products were harvested since March 1, 2016, according to the MED announcement.

A full list of the affected batches, also listed on a product’s label, can be found on the state’s website.

Pot grown at Life Flower’s facility in Cortez are not affected by this recall.

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