Colorado’s MedPharm Granted Patent for Powdered Cannabinoid and Terpene Extract

Here’s the press release

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MedPharm Holdings, a leading cannabis researcher and manufacturer, announces that they have been granted a patent today for a unique invention: a water-soluble powdered cannabinoid and/or terpene extract.

“What an amazing discovery, and a perfect fit for us”

The inventor of MedPharm’s powdered cannabinoid formulation, Scott Karolchyk, MS, RPh, has been developing various health and pharmaceutical formulations for over 18 years, and has been granted over a dozen patents.

The U.S. patent number 10,980,743 is one of the company’s many inventions and involves a process that leverages MedPharm’s Lipophilic Enhanced Absorption Formula (L.E.A.F) technology to create the water-soluble powdered cannabinoid extract. The infused powder stays stable for at least one year and can be compounded into various pharmaceutical grade and/or over the counter formulations (i.e., drinks, candies, emulsions) with varying bulk powder densities.

“What an amazing discovery, and a perfect fit for us,” Albert Gutierrez, CEO of MedPharm, says. “From the beginning, about four years ago now, we have always worked to find more effective, bioavailable, and safer cannabis dosage forms for various medical uses. This invention checks all the boxes of what we want: a good, safe, effective, and versatile cannabis product that is absorbed more quickly than current products on the market. All of this is accomplished through an original process that is cheaper and easier to implement than other methods of solubilizing cannabinoids.”

Additionally, the invention of this powdered cannabinoid process allows extracted cannabinoid oil to be used in formulations containing dry powders such as tablets, capsules, injectables, dry powder inhalers, edibles, beverages, and powdered mixes. The powder’s bulk density can be easily modified to accommodate the development of the final dosage form. “The process can be applied to a range of core materials in numerous particle sizes, shapes, and densities. No matter the shape, whether crystalline, spherical, irregular, amorphous, or other, the process can create unique formulations to achieve the desired properties. Understanding the flow related properties, particle size, and density is critical in the processing of these powders for their intended formulations. This invention eliminates most trial and error,” Gutierrez says.

With this invention, Gutierrez says, MedPharm has again successfully tapped into the cutting edge work of its cannabis researchers and chemists to find out more about the “What, Why and How?” of cannabis compounds and their medicinal effects on the human body. “Helping people live better, happier, and more productive lives has always been the focus of MedPharm.”

The invention comes at a time when MedPharm has been steadily gaining recognition for its current line of cannabis products. In November, 2020, the company won awards for “Top Selling Cartridge” in Colorado for their BATCH cartridge and, for the second year in a row, “Top Selling Tincture” in Colorado for their Aliviar 20:1 tincture.

Both awards were part of an annual cannabis award series by LeafLink, a national wholesale platform used in the cannabis industry that connects over 1,700 cannabis brands with over 5,600 licensed retailers in 26 territories across North America.


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