Connecticut to Offer Legal MDMA and Psilocybin Therapy as Early as Next Year

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Ahead of federal approval, Connecticut seeks to lay the groundwork for psychedelic treatments in the state.

Connecticut is slated to provide legal, state-supported MDMA and psilocybin therapy as early as next year.

The northeast state seeks to provide qualified patients with funding to receive MDMA-assisted or psilocybin-assisted therapy as part of a Food and Drug Administration expanded access program.

An estimated initial 100 veterans, retired first responders, and frontline healthcare workers who exhausted available treatment options for their depression or PTSD are set to be first to receive the treatments under a pilot, depending on a mix of funding and FDA flexibility.

The FDA’s expanded access program was established to provide patients with access to drugs that demonstrated safety through at least a Phase I clinical trial but are still being investigated for efficacy, when no sufficient treatments are available.

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