Cookies Sued Again By Cannabis Retail Partner In $100 Million Dispute

It goes from bad to worse.

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Leading cannabis brand Cookies is in a widening legal dispute with its partner in dozens of adult-use marijuana stores.

Cookies Retail LLC alleged in a lawsuit filed in California Superior Court in Orange County last month that Cookies breached California franchise law, made misrepresentations and caused “not less than one hundred million dollars” in damages, court records show.

The cannabis industry entity that the public knows as Cookies is a network of legally distinct companies.

Some of those operations – including San Francisco Bay Area-based Cookies SF – are associated with Gilbert Milam Jr., the brand’s co-founder and social media personality who also is known as Berner.

Others, such as Newport Beach, California-based Cookies Retail, are independently owned companies that, according to court records, signed agreements with Milam’s companies to open Cookies-branded retail stores.

Cookies Retail’s principal is Brandon Johnson, a former real estate professional who is also the co-founder and CEO of TRP, a cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution company that operates marijuana stores under other brands in 14 states.

According to the Jan. 12 lawsuit filed in California Superior Court in Orange County, Johnson and Cookies Retail signed licensing agreements with Berner’s businesses beginning in January 2020 that would allow Johnson and his companies to open Cookies-branded marijuana stores in California, Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Oregon.

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