Cool accessories for your Mighty Plus


If you own a Crafty, Mighty, Crafty Plus or Mighty Plus, you are also probably very proud to own it, and are also on the lookout for any cool spare parts and accessories to make your vaporizer even more awesome! Luckily, there are many many awesome spare parts and accessories to enhance your vaping experience, and make your prized possession even better.


Vape Case:

The first and most important accessory to pair with your Crafty or Mighty, would have to be a good, smell proof protective vape case.

There are many good options on the market today, but you cannot go past something from the Ryot collection. The Head Case is the perfect size for your Crafty Plus, and because of the carbon lined material, once it is zipped up, it is completely smell proof! The Piper, from Ryot is also a perfect match for a Mighty or Mighty Plus vape. It fits snugly inside, with a pocket on the front to add your filling aid and your magazine with 8 dosing capsules. Once again, because of the carbon lined material, once zip[[ped up, the PIPER is completely smell proof! It also comes with a very stylish Ryot padlock, to add some security to your vape case.


Bubbler and Water Pipe Attachments: 

Some people find that setting your Crafty Plus or Mighty Plus to the highest temperature (210deg celsius) a bit irritating on the back of the throat. If this is the case for you, then it is time to invest in either a glass water bubbler, or a water pipe attachment (WPA).



WPA’s come in a range of sizes, but the 2 most common are 14mm Male, and 18mm Male. These will be compatible with any bong or bubbler that has a 14mm or 18mm Female connection point. 

SImply replace the cooling unit of your dry herb vaporizer with the WPA, and then attach to your bong or bubbler of choice. The hot vapor will then pass through the water on your bong and cool it down so that you will not be irritated at all. In fact, you feel almost nothing at all on the throat, just immense flavours!

If you are after something a little more portable, then you cannot go past the XL or XXL water bubblers, made for the Crafty models and the Mighty models. These cool little bubblers replace the lip piece in you cooling unit of the Crafty Plus or Mighty, and is held securely with a silicone gasket. These require only a small amount of water, and stay attached to your vaporizer, cooling the vapour down, even when you have it on the hottest setting!


Thankfully, the team at Storz & Bickel have thought of absolutely everything when it comes to maintaining your Crafty or Mighty vaporizer. They manufacture and supply retailers with absolutely every small piece that makes up your vaporizer, so that you can replace and keep your vaporizer in the best shape all the time, which in turn rewards you with incredible vapor, year after year after year. The list of Storz & Bickel spare parts is huge so the most important spare parts needed are listed below:

Cooling unit, and cooling unit set of 3, magazine with 8 dosing capsules, 40pack of dosing capsules, capsule caddy, wear and tear set, seal ring set, small screen set, normal screen set and mouthpiece set of 4. 

All of these cool accessories and spare parts for your Crafty or Mighty dry herb vaporizer are readily available at

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