Cronos is now called Vitura Health

We’ll leave it up to Cannabiz to tell you all the reasons they can think of to re-brand themselves with another completely forgettable name, which, by the way is the idea so in 18 months time they can then tell us the reasons why the name Vitura health is being changed to another completely forgettable name because blah blah blah blah…..

At least the chief executive has decided to stick with a memorable name that suits the Australian medical cannabis sector to a tee.

Now we’ve no longer got a Crock in the industry we mights as well have a Cocks

Chief executive Rodney Cocks said: “I am excited and proud to announce the company’s new name and corporate branding which embodies the direction we are taking and we are confident will be well received by all of our stakeholders, including our employees.

“We look forward to continuing to grow under the new Vitura Health brand and delivering on our strategic objectives for our patients, prescribers, pharmacists, suppliers and shareholders.”

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