Curaleaf Pulls Stock From NY Shelves After Fudging Potency Labelling

The higher the perceived THC level the more sales is the equation, so, it appears Curaleaf took a “creative” approach to lebelling that in turn has backfired. We wonder also whether New Yorkers will remember this thus affecting the brand in the state.

The question is… are Curaleaf doing the same thing in other states? reports

Curaleaf, one of New York’s medical marijuana operators, has pulled tens of thousands of units of cannabis from dispensary shelves after the company switched to an unauthorized way of labeling potency that led patients to believe the marijuana they purchased was much stronger than usual.

Curaleaf began displaying “dry weight” measurements on its products in July without approval from the Office of Cannabis Management and without alerting customers. While all products in NY show “wet weight” measurement, the “dry weight” method shows significantly higher THC percentages, making the marijuana more enticing for buyers looking for the biggest bang for their buck.

For example, the same product could show a THC percentage of 20% using wet weight measurement – but as high as 37% using dry weight testing.

“The higher the potency of the flower, the more sales of that item we see,” said Geoff Brown, a pharmacist at MedMen in Buffalo and co-founder of CannaBuff magazine. The switch to dry weight testing resulted in “a remarkable increase in sales” of Curaleaf’s product at his store, Brown said, but left dispensary staff with questions over the significantly higher potency.

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