Curaleaf Start Process Of Getting Their Claws Into The UK’s National Health System – With Former MP (Resigned Today 30/5/24) As The Front Man

It’ll take a while but the business plan to get Curaleaf products available via the NHS starts here…and the front man is  now former Conservative MP George Freeman

See the press release dated 28 May (scroll down)  about his involvement and and what a surprise

30 May 2024

George Freeman is no longer a Member, but was most recently the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk, and left the Commons on 30 May 2024.



Curaleaf International Partners with UK Task Force to Lead Cannabis Research Revolution

Curaleaf International is proud to announce its official partnership as a founding member of a groundbreaking task force aimed at positioning the UK as a global leader in cannabis and cannabinoid research.

This pioneering initiative, led by George Freeman MP and Professor Trevor Jones, will unite universities, research institutions, investors, businesses, and the NHS to advance the understanding of cannabis.

The newly established UK Cannabinoid Research and Development Group (CRDG) is set to develop the country’s first comprehensive cannabinoid R&D strategy, addressing a significant gap that has persisted since cannabis was rescheduled for medical use in 2018. Notably, the UK currently has only three licensed cannabis-based medicines available.

With support from industry partners, including Curaleaf International, the task force will consult on its plans and release its initial strategy paper in July. The group will be officially constituted this summer.

Find out more at

UK Cannabinoid Research and Development Group


Positioned at the heart of the life sciences sector, the Cannabinoid Research & Development Group UK is a new research strategy group led by academics, researchers, clinicians, patients and industry.

The group will propel scientific research and development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid-related products in the UK.

Our ambition is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to transform the UK into the global leader in cannabinoid research and medicine development.

We will build a robust ecosystem by integrating universities, research institutions, investors, businesses, and the NHS – driving innovation and development, nurturing top talent and fostering advances in healthcare.



Press release: George Freeman MP Leads New Taskforce to Establish the UK as a Global Leader in Cannabinoid Science

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