Dairy Queen Fires Employee Who Made “Marijuana” Cake After Manager Mistakenly Heard Order

It’ll . be interesting to see if the employee  has a case


Here’s the story c/- USA Today

A cake mix-up that went viral is drawing national attention, but the whole scenario is a nightmare for one Georgia woman who lost her Dairy Queen job.

The incident started gaining attention on July 2, when Kensli Taylor Davis shared a Facebook post with a picture of her 25th birthday cake purchased from Dairy Queen. The cake shows a marijuana leaf and what appears to be a high “My Little Pony” smoking with bloodshot eyes. 

Davis said her mother asked for a “Moana”-themed cake from a Milledgeville, Georgia, Dairy Queen. Instead, she got a marijuana-themed cake. The post has garnered more than 12,000 reactions and has been shared more than 13,000 times, mostly by people laughing at the mix-up. 

“I think they thought that she said ‘marijuana’ because we are from south Georgia and kind of have an accent. So, ‘Moana,’ marijuana?” Davis told WMAZ-TV in Georgia.

Full story at  https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/07/11/marijuana-moana-woman-fired-viral-cake-mix-up/1702873001/

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