Days Are Numbered For Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers On Weedmaps

Regular readers will remember that this has been a bone of contention for quite some time. It’s not stated in the MJ Biz story but it sounds as though they have had legal advice advising them to move on the issue.


MJ Biz report

A spokesperson for the Irvine, California-based company did not immediately respond to a request for further comment, so it’s unclear exactly when the new requirement may go into effect.

“In addition, Weedmaps will explore ways to make it easier for patients and adult-use consumers to identify the license number on advertised listings.”According to a news release, Weedmaps will also be “restricting the use of its point of sale, online orders, delivery logistics and wholesale exchange software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms to licensed operators exclusively.

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Weedmaps will stop advertising unlicensed cannabis retailers ‘later this year’


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