Denver Department of Excise and Licenses Serves 3 Companies With Violations Notices In One Day

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Three Denver marijuana businesses — a marijuana dispensary, a cultivation and an extraction firm — have been ordered to prove why their operational licenses should not be suspended or revoked after city inspectors found numerous alleged infractions in inventory tracking.

On August 31, the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses served show-cause orders to WolfPac Cannabis dispensary, Newt Brothers Artisanal extraction and wholesale cultivation CT Acoma LLC, which all have different ownership groups. They now must appear in front of Excise and Licenses to show why their marijuana business licenses shouldn’t be stripped or suspended. According to show-cause orders issued by Excise and Licenses, city inspections found untracked marijuana plants or flower at all three facilities, as well as poor or missing video surveillance and other violations.

WolfPac, a Colorado dispensary chain with two locations in Denver, was visited by a city business code inspector after Excise and Licenses received information that it was hosting marijuana consumption events in a building next door to its store at 74 Federal Boulevard. None of WolfPac’s alleged violations involve marijuana use, however; the reported violations involve the company’s marijuana product tracking, storage and surveillance.

According to the department, the city inspector found improperly stored marijuana concentrate in an employee fridge, and also noted a lack of proper signage and obstructed or malfunctioning surveillance cameras inside the dispensary. The show-cause order doesn’t mention any social consumption violations next door to WolfPac, but the inspector reportedly found 39 packages of marijuana flower in the building, which was not licensed for dispensary product storage.


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