Denver Post: Opinion: I helped decriminalize psychedelics in Denver. Here’s why voters should reject the new psychedelics proposal

Initiative 58, known as the Natural Medicine Health Act, will be bad for Colorado says the newspaper

Here’s the intoduction to their piece

With a crucial election less than three months away, Coloradans are starting to dig deeper into what is on the November ballot. As voters start reading between the lines, they’ll see that not every initiative is what it appears to be–including the buzzy, psychedelic-focused Initiative 58, also known as the Natural Medicine Health Act.

As the co-founder of the Denver-based nonprofit SPORE (the Society for Psychedelic Outreach Reform and Education), one might assume I would be in favor of this proposal — but I will be voting against the measure, and I’m encouraging Coloradans to do the same.

If voters approve The NMHA, it would create the framework for a state-regulated industry providing psychedelic services to people over 21, without needing a medical diagnosis.

While this may sound like a good thing to people who want to see increased access to psychedelics, this initiative is designed for corporate control, largely restricting access to corporate-owned healing centers.

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