Difference between Ash Catcher and Banger


The world of vaping has many accessories now. From the water pipes we use to the torches or no-torch, better ways to get those oils and concentrates heated up are still coming. The problem is that there may be confusion when getting some items.

Here, we will explain what some people have been asking. What is the difference between an ash catcher and a banger? Waxmaid  has both items, and we will be using that to explain everything from the features to the functionality.

What is an Ash Catcher?

This is an adapter that allows better smoke filtration while using your water pipe. It does that by filtering the resin in the smoke before it goes into your water pipe. That way, you keep the water pipe clean and also have less time to clean it.

The single part that you will often wash is the ash catcher. There are different kinds, from glass to silicone. Yes, we say Silicone because Waxmaid has one with this material, and some water goes into it. In others, there is no water.

Let’s see how best you can use the Waxmaid type and why it’s the perfect hookup for your water pipe.

The Waxmaid Ash Catcher

It’s a universal smoking tool with a 12 mm glass bowl to fit at the top. You can call it a small resin-arrester since it has some features on it. It’s a small container made of platinum-cured Silicone that is cleared as food safe.

It can be used on both 14mm and 18mm downstems comfortably. The pipe that connects to the downstem is angled at 45 degrees for better debris catching, and that’s how it doesn’t get to your water pipe.


The best results here are achieved when you put some water in the ash catcher. You can open it at the top for that, and it will help capture the stickiness as cooler smoke gets to you via the water pipe.

The glass bowl goes to the top of the ash catcher, and that’s where you torch it. It’s easy to hook it up and remove for easy washing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is the easy part since the ash catcher gets all the dirt here. All you need is to detach the Waxmaid tool from your water pipe and open the top lid. Disconnect the pipe that goes into the container and use warm water and soap to brush off the residue.


It’s also dishwasher safe, and you can also decide to boil. After boiling, though, you have to clean it with soap and water. What you cannot use is an alcohol solution since it damages the silicone over time.

You can, however, use a mixture of 70% alcohol and salt to clean the glass bowl.

Overall Verdict

Using the Waxmaid ash catcher is worth it if you want to clean your water pipe in less time. It’s easier to clean out the part than dealing with the whole system all the time.

What is a Banger?

A banger is quite different from the ash catcher. It’s used to vaporize the concentrates and oils, and you hook it on a dab rig, bong, or a water pipe in general. They vary in design and style, but the main materials that make bangers are ceramic, glass, quartz, or titanium.

Different heating and cleaning requirements depend on the material used. Quartz is always considered the best since it heats up quickly and can bear high temperatures. It’s also not easy to break, and you can clean it easily.

Waxmaid has a 90o quartz dab banger that you can use on bongs and water pipes. It’s designed to give you the best heating experience due to the materials and the structure.

The Waxmaid 90o Quartz Dab Banger

This is a 90-degree angled banger that has quartz defining the material. It has a 14mm connector that goes to the downstem in your vaping tool while the glass bowl at the top holds your dab.

Lighting happens on the bowl, and the smoke goes down via the tube into your water pipe or whatever you are using. As long as the downstem has a 14mm diameter, you are always good to use the dab banger.

Once you fit the male joint in your smoking tool, heat the banger using your torch for about 20 seconds to one minute. After that, wait for it to cool down and then apply the concentrate. Next, light up the loaded dab and proceed to smoke from the mouthpiece on your end.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since it’s a 90o quartz dab banger, cleaning will need a stronger solution. The requirements are to put the dab banger in a storage bag. Pour in some 70% alcohol concentration and some salt.

After that, shake thoroughly until the water changes the color to brown. Pour out and then clean with soap and water before drying.

Overall Verdict

A banger is a type of nail that can also be used on a dab rig or a water pipe. Having a quartz banger gives in a better heating and hitting experience. Waxmaid built this one to have a holding cup at the top, which helps keep the smoke within as you inhale.

The Difference between an Ash Catcher and Banger

From the explanation and examples above, you can now tell the difference between the two smoking tools. An ash catcher helps  in capturing the debris from the smoke before getting to your water pipe.

For the dab banger, it gives you a better heating experience when smoking the oils and concentrates. Depending on the material on both items, the use and cleaning mechanisms are different.


The 90o quartz dab banger and ash catcher are available for Waxmaid at affordable prices. If you are within the US, ordering one means getting within 2-3 business days. It’s that fast if you want to enjoy the hits sooner after seeing your favorite too.

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