Different Rentals For Cannabis Aficionados

The use of cannabis has become increasingly widespread among many Canadian residents and visitors, and in response to this there are a growing number of rentals for cannabis enthusiasts available for rent. There are now many different types of establishments that cater to those who wish to use cannabis recreationally, or are simply curious about how it works.

Here is a look at some of the options available:

  1. Health clubs or wellness apartments: Health clubs offer comprehensive fitness and wellness programs, including aerobic exercise classes, swimming, and other physical activity opportunities. Many offer meditation and yoga classes as well. Some have even created lounges where cannabis users can go to smoke pot and relax without the worry of addiction. A popular health club in Vancouver called Yoga on the Beach offers yoga classes, as well as cannabis user lounges. Some high-end health clubs have also created private cannabis user lounges where users can smoke without supervision. Some clubs have several private cannabis user lounges for customers who wish to smoke and relax at the same time.


  1. Apartment rentals for cannabis enthusiasts: Apartment rentals offer private, gated areas in which cannabis users can enjoy their cannabis without fear of intrusion. This can be particularly appealing to those who live in large cities, where living within visible walls may be seen as unfashionable. Apartment lounges are usually set up within a gated area, such as a manor house or a golf course. They are often located in locations that offer seclusion from the hustle and bustle of large cities.


  1. Grow rooms: Grow rooms are used by many cannabis enthusiasts who wish to cultivate their own cannabis plants. Typically, rooms are rented monthly over the duration of a person’s contract. The cost varies depending on the size of the grow room, its facilities, and the user’s preference. Some grow rooms are so sophisticated that they can house actual hydroponic gardening equipment.


  1. Shared: Shared grows are typically found in shared spaces, such as apartments and houses. There is often a shared potting area where cannabis users can share small amounts of marijuana. The cost of renting a cannabis user’s space will depend on whether the cannabis enthusiast is sharing a single room or an entire house with a cannabis user. For some users, sharing an apartment with a cannabis user can mean sharing a bathroom with a cannabis user, which can mean extra costs.


  1. Private: A private grow is similar to a grow room, except that users pay a higher rental price to have access to the facilities. These facilities are not usually set up in the same way that conventional grow rooms are but are instead designed to replicate the privacy and comfort of a private residence. In private residences, users may be able to smoke cannabis without detection from non-cannabis users or neighbors. Some private residences offer large backyards with large gardens where a cannabis enthusiast can grow large quantities of cannabis.


  1. Indoor: Indoor cannabis grow rooms are perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who are trying to grow cannabis without detection from non-cannabis users or neighbors. Indoor cannabis grow rooms are also sometimes used for growing medicinal cannabis. The cost of renting an indoor grow room depends on the size and number of plants that are being grown. Some grow rooms are designed with hydroponic soil that mimics the look and feel of traditional soil. Other grow rooms contain sterile media that encourages the growth of healthy plant roots, without being visible to non-weed residents of the home.


If you are a cannabis enthusiast, consider renting one of the different types of equipment and growing facilities that are available. Rentals allow cannabis users to grow their favorite plants indoors, and without the constant worry about whether or not their neighbors or landlords will be keeping an eye on their cannabis habits. Rental prices range from expensive to affordable, depending on the type of rent you get and the number of plants being grown. When it comes to inviting potential guests for your accommodation, hibnb.ca is the best place to list your property.










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