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In 2020, the concept of Cannabis Sensei was born, driven by a simple vision. Our aim was to simplify the vast realm of cannabis by offering precise information and guidance, catering to both novices and seasoned enthusiasts.

It all traces back to my high school days, precisely in 2005, when I experienced my first encounter with a joint. At that time, it was just youthful experimentation. However, as the years passed, cannabis evolved into an all-encompassing passion of mine.

Exploring diverse strains across California, Canada, and Amsterdam, as well as cultivating my own plants, has fueled my enthusiasm for over a decade.

Initially, I embarked on creating this website as a personal endeavor fueled by passion. However, as my interest in the world of cannabis deepened, I felt compelled to provide the most precise and reliable information available. Whether it involves strain reviews, growing equipment, or pertinent news articles, my mission is to deliver utmost accuracy.

Aaron Girard, Founder & CCO (Chief Cannabis Officer)

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