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Discover the Fascinating Tale of Inheal: Where Passion Meets Quality

Step into the world of Inheal, a remarkable company that embarked on its extraordinary journey in 2021. Founded by two visionary entrepreneurs from Southern California, Naz and Tim, Inheal represents their unwavering commitment to the cannabis industry and their unbridled passion for delivering unparalleled product quality.

After completing his college education, Naz found himself captivated by the realm of food, venturing into diverse ventures like vegan restaurants and raw food production. During this time, he immersed himself in the thriving cannabis-infused food scene of Portland, where he crossed paths with the vibrant hemp farming community. With the passing of the transformative 2018 Farm Bill, Naz ventured into the world of hemp extraction, which gradually blossomed into a thriving wholesale distribution enterprise. It was during this fortuitous journey that he connected with Tim, an esteemed creator of cannabis and hemp products.

United by their profound friendship and shared vision, Naz and Tim realized their collective dream of creating extraordinary cannabinoid products and establishing a brand-new enterprise from scratch. Thus, Inheal was born—a testament to their boundless passion and unwavering dedication.

But what sets Inheal apart? It is the unparalleled quality and variety of products that truly distinguishes the company. With a particular emphasis on Delta 8 variants, alongside Delta 9 and HHC, Inheal offers an exquisite selection that caters to the diverse preferences of cannabis enthusiasts. Every product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing to ensure utmost compliance with the highest standards of safety and efficacy, guaranteeing a premium experience for our valued customers.

At Inheal, we remain steadfast in our unwavering pursuit of excellence. We constantly push the boundaries of innovation, striving to provide you with the most exceptional cannabinoid products available in the market.

Embark on an unparalleled journey with Inheal and elevate your cannabinoid experience to new heights. Experience the passion, quality, and innovation that define our brand.

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