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Established in 2019 as a side venture, PACKAGEWEA has evolved into the foremost provider of dependable cannabis packaging solutions in the United States. Originating from the frustration of two New York City students witnessing the sale of cannabis products in uninspiring plastic baggies, the company was founded.

Their motivation stemmed from observing friends purchasing popular cannabis products at gatherings, only to receive them in nondescript bags lacking information about the strain and contents. This approach failed to distinguish sellers and their brands, leaving consumers with the perception that it was merely “random weed.”

PACKAGEWEA took proactive steps by engaging with small cannabis businesses in legal states, offering assistance in packaging, design, and branding. This initiative propelled the company’s network and influence from a handful of states to a nationwide presence. Presently, PACKAGEWEA has expanded its reach to three continents, establishing a robust global presence.

As the cannabis industry transitions into a legal landscape with stringent compliance standards, the significance of packaging has never been more pronounced.

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