Duane Morris – All their latest blog posts on cannabis (list)

The Duane Morris Cannabis Industry Blog provides regular updates on the extensive federal, state and local laws pertinent to the highly regulated medical and adult-use cannabis industries.

Read our latest commentary and insights about this rapidly growing industry.

> Webinar Replay: Distressed Cannabis M&A
> How Regulatory Reforms Could Reshape M&A Pulse in Cannabis Industry
> Milestone for SAFE[R] Banking
> Why the U.S. Virgin Islands Are Fertile Soil for Cannabis Businesses
> Duane Morris Partner Michael Schwamm Named a “Notable Leader in Cannabis”
> New York’s Conditional Recreational Cannabis Licensing Process Goes Up in Smoke as State Regulators Ask Court to Stay Injunction Order
> Tax Implications of Rescheduling Cannabis as a Schedule III Controlled Substance
> HHS Could Open the Door for More Marijuana Use in Nursing Homes
> Cannabis Banking Ticks Up, but the Industry Needs SAFE Banking
> California AG Targets Online Sales of Hemp Synthesized Delta-9 Inhalable Product
> Changes to the Controlled Substances Act for Cannabis to Make It a Schedule III Drug – The Winds May Be Blowing this Way
> Judge Rules that New York’s Discretionary Licensing Process Violates the Law
> Bipartisan House Bill Shows Feds May Be Relaxing Stance on Marijuana in Employment Decisions
> FDA Issues Warning Letters Against Delta-8 THC Gummies
> Bipartisan Legislation to Legalize Cannabis in Pennsylvania Proposed
> ATACH Calls for the Regulation of Hemp-Synthesized Intoxicants

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