Duane Morris Partner Pens Article On Trademarks and Branding Cannabis Products For Cannabis Law Journal

Duane Morris partner, Christiane Schuman Campbell, working out of their Philadelphia office writes…

The current belief among many marijuana entrepreneurs and business owners is that they cannot brand or protect the brands they use for cannabis products and related products and services. Well-founded as it is, the belief is indeed inaccurate. It is absolutely possible—and advisable—to protect these “marijuana marks.”

Protection of marijuana marks requires an understanding of the current and changing legal and regulatory landscape, a detailed perspective of where the industry is and where it’s going, as well as a skilled assessment of current federal and state trademark statutes and rules, to develop a creative and strategic approach to marijuana branding and brand protection.

Please read the full article at our sister publication, Cannabis Law Journal

Article: https://journal.cannabislawreport.com/usa-mark-ijuana-trademarks-and-branding-cannabis-products/

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