A recent press release has announced the formation of a group called the Legal Cannabis Coalition (LLC), which consists of a dozen Dutch horticultural companies.

During the past two years, these companies participated in a joint scientific study to optimize greenhouse cultivation of medicinal cannabis that was organized by Wageningen University & Research (WURR) in The Netherlands.

The press release states

(1): “In collaboration with additional partners specialized in lab research, product development, and clinical trials, the LCC offers its combined experiences, services and products to the medicinal cannabis industry.”

The group has reportedly been active in setting up licensed cannabis producers in North America and around the world.

“The cannabis market was turbulent in the first few years,” said Erik van Santen of Koppert Biological Systems (1). “North America is entering an adult phase of legalization. In Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, we are on the eve of further legalization.”

The LLC’s goal is to become a one-stop destination for a wide assortment of industry challenges.

According to the press release (1), to help their clients “the LCC will use all the lessons its members collectively learned over the years from their involvement in setting up and equipping greenhouses, improving plant productivity, GMP and compliance, product development, lab research, and market research to support the global legalization of medicinal cannabis.”

The release also stated that the goal of the LCC is to expand their reach even further based on science and proven solutions (1). With a growing community of members and clients, the LLC is able to help out in a lot of areas. To receive the group’s expert advice, clients must be in possession of a cannabis license and adhere to cannabis regulations.

For more information about the LCC, please visit https://www.legalcannabiscoalition.nl/