E-Commerce Platform AskMary Bridges the Gap Between Cannabis Dispensaries and Users

CLARKSBURG, MD / ACCESSWIRE / January 11, 2021 / The legalization of cannabis for recreational activities stirred the country. At the surge of demand in the United States, two entrepreneurs from Maryland, Shihan Chowdhury and Austin Allen, stepped in to revolutionize the industry with an efficient platform, AskMary.

AskMary was built to integrate and maximize technology for the benefit of both cannabis users and dispensaries. Shihan Chowdhury, the founder and CEO, and Austin Allen, the Chief Commercial Officer, envisioned the platform to provide a unique algorithm determining the medical and general effects of cannabis for novice and long-time users.

Under Austin Allen’s watchful eye and expertise, dispensaries for whom the platform was initially developed are provided with comprehensive training and education on how AskMary works. Allen ensures their clients get the most out of the platform, which in turn will help their individual clients along the process. Furthermore, the Chief Commercial Officer is also an advocate for patients who rely on cannabis-based medication and thoroughly educates them on the proper use of cannabinoid science.

While there are various e-commerce sites in the market, Chowdhury and Allen wanted to go above and beyond by guaranteeing their clients’ success. “Dispensaries can use this platform to determine the best product for their customer based on the customer’s medical conditions or needs. The platform also has robust e-commerce features built specifically for dispensaries,” shared the CEO. “It allows dispensaries to make online sales and drive additional revenue by using unique conversion tools,” he added.

Furthermore, AskMary is equipped with an SMS marketing feature, developed natively. Chowdhury and Allen aimed for the platform to propel dispensaries to a broader market by strengthening their marketing efforts using the latest technological advancements. The powerful segmentation provided by such marketing efforts gives dispensaries leverage in reaching significant audiences across the country, saving time, effort, and other resources. Additionally, AskMary allows dispensaries to handle their own delivery service.

Growing up in an immigrant family filled with entrepreneurs, Chowdhury always wanted to build something of his own using technology. Understanding the importance of the role cannabis products play in people’s lives, the CEO sought a way to utilize his expertise in a way that would serve both the interests of the industry and cannabis users. Today, AskMary has created a difference in the cannabis industry, bridging customers to find the best product for their needs.

Using their diverse background in technology and multimedia marketing, Chowdhury and Allen have created a game-changing platform together, changing the course of the cannabis landscape forever. AskMary is the first of its kind as a platform that includes a subscription feature for its clientele. Without a doubt, the duo behind the platform will continue to transform the industry, placing AskMary at the peak of the cannabis e-commerce landscape.

Chowdhury and Allen are setting the bar higher for other e-commerce visionaries. Indeed, AskMary has established quite the standard for everyone else.The duo ensures dispensaries and cannabis users that they have many more innovative ideas up their sleeves. To learn more about AskMary, visit its website. Connect with Shihan Chowdhury and Austin Allen through their Instagram accounts.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/e-commerce-platform-askmary-bridges-053000990.html

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