Dear MED Stakeholders,
This email is to provide updates regarding 1) emergency rules, and 2) proposed permanent rules in advance of MED’s rulemaking hearing on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.
On September 15, 2020, the State Licensing Authority adopted Emergency Rules, which incorporate amendments to the Colorado Marijuana Rules to maintain alignment with the Governor’s Executive Orders issued in response to COVID-19, to implement HB20-1080, and extend other prior-adopted emergency rules while the Division proceeds through its permanent rulemaking session. The Emergency Rules:
  • Extend prior-adopted emergency rules in response to COVID-19 to maintain alignment with the Governor’s Executive Orders;
  • Extend prior-adopted emergency rules (originally adopted in February 2020) which established a process for reinstatement of expired regulated marijuana business licenses; and
  • Implement HB20-1080, which eliminates residency requirements for employee licensees as of Sept. 15 (the effective date of the bill).
In preparation for the MED’s permanent rulemaking hearing scheduled September 22, 2020, please see the proposed permanent rules MED staff will present on the 22nd. As part of the Division’s 2020 rulemaking session, the Division is implementing HB20-1080 (“Remove Residency Requirement For Marijuana License”), and HB20-1424 (“Social Equity Licensees In Regulated Marijuana”). The proposed permanent rules also incorporate amendments to the Colorado Marijuana Rules, 1 CCR 212-3, to address various subjects in response to stakeholder recommendations, including but not limited to sustainability measures and recommendations from the Science & Policy work group.
Please note that prior to the hearing, the Division will release an agenda to provide additional details regarding the time frames during which specific rule areas will be presented, which will include a public comment period following the presentation of each rule area. The permanent rulemaking hearing will take place virtually via Zoom, is open to the public and will provide an opportunity for public comment. For more information, including recordings of work group meetings and work group materials, please visit the Division’s 2020 rulemaking website.
Any questions regarding the rulemaking process, please reach out to:
The Marijuana Enforcement Division