End of The Australian Research Cartel ? …The Greens Proposals Are Ruffling A Few Feathers

https://www.cannabiz.com.au/research-could-take-a-bashing-in-a-legal-adult-market-warns-lambert-academic-director/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Cannabiz%20newsletter%2024823&utm_content=Cannabiz%20newsletter%2024823+CID_2a602ceff840c72f5badf888cdbe074c&utm_source=CampaignMonitor&utm_term=READ%20MOREHere at CLR we say this is a good thing.

Over the last decade Australian research institutes have been pulling money from the taxpayer whilst telling  them what they can and can’t have and it’s mainlky what they can’t have.

Now that the spectre of regulated cannabis for adult use loiters on a far away horizon they are already firing broadsides .. the fear in the “industry” is palpable.

They have seen what’s happened in the US & Canada and know that they’ll lose control, free taxpayer funding and the opportunity to lord it over others. Good riddance we say.

This opening para from a report in this week’s Aus cannabiz site says it all.



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Research could ‘take a bashing’ in a legal adult market, warns Lambert academic director

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