Europe: Prohibition Partners Publish “The European Cannabis Report”

Europe’s new €30 Billion Opportunity………

The legal cannabis industry is the biggest potential new market in the world, with Europe’s recreational alone currently being valued at €18bn. The European Cannabis Report from Prohibition Partners is the first major piece that uncovers the commercial opportunity of a legal cannabis market in Europe, examining;


  • The potential Industrial, Medicinal & Recreational applications of cannabis
  • The current legal status, legislation and attitudes towards cannabis
  • Country by country analysis of the commercial opportunities
  • Trends that will impact the European Cannabis industry



Despite Europe having a more liberal view of cannabis, it has fallen behind other markets integrating cannabis into society either through medical, recreational or industrial use. However this is now changing rapidly with Germany, Italy & Israel leading the advancement of cannabis in Europe. The considered approach to legalisation and regulation makes Europe a very attractive new market to international businesses who are already operating in this space and can apply their craft to these new markets.


The development of legal cannabis in Europe would significantly impact the European economy through tax revenue and increased employment. For European countries like Spain & Greece who are still reeling from the effects of the global recession, the legal cannabis industry presents an immediate opportunity to bolster public coffers and become leaders of the European Cannabis industry.


About Prohibition Partners

Prohibition Partners is the leading source of intelligence and insight into the European market. Our work helps investors, entrepreneurs and regulators identify, understand and qualify the new opportunities in this emerging frontier. We believe the European industry will gradually open up over the next three years. However the challenge will be combining the industry’s traditional values and advocacy with the level of corporate and professional knowledge required to scale.

The European Cannabis Report is currently available at:

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Stephen Murphy
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